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BIGSOUND Unveils Full Program, Adds 90 More Speakers & BTW Sløtface Are On The Line-up

14 August 2017 | 10:00 am | Staff Writer

Y'know, just in case you weren't already convinced about heading along this year.

BIGSOUND is all but upon us, and the annual industry conference and showcase series has put the final cherries atop the delicious musical cake that is 2017's event, unveiling its full program, adding nearly 100 more names to the speakers' list and rounding out the artistic offerings to include international faves Sløtface, among other new faces.

After quietly adding a bunch of new names to the live line-up last week, BIGSOUND has also welcomed newcomers such as Abbe May, Driven Fear and AlithiA to help round out the four-night-long festivities hitting 18 venues across Fortitude Valley next month.

Meanwhile, for the daytime schedule, the program is packed out with a breadth of discussion topics, from socially focused panels on race, cutlure, gender, identity and mental health to the economically minded sessions about export, touring, release strategies, crisis management, technology and more.

Speaking of tech, this year's BIGSOUND will welcome innovations from SamplerBox, LoveBusk, OpenLIVE, Muzeroom, Audeara, Prysim, VibeWire, Mish Guru, Maven Music and Royalty Tracks, all of whom will be able to show off their inventive wares and have the chance to be mentored by a multitude of music and tech boffins getting about the event.

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Also making their way to this year's festival are a group of visual artists set to transform the Fortitude Valley streetscape with their bountiful creativity, including Catriona Drummond, Alinta, Helena Papageorgiou, Ward Squires, Phoebe Paradise, Blair Foley, Niqui Toldi and Sam McKenzie.

The already-mammoth speakers' list has also become even greater, welcoming 90 new artist, industry and media identities to the fold to offer their expert advice and opinions across the BIGSOUND cerebral smorgasbord, including renowned rapper 360, multi-talented musos Hans Van Vliet, Jonathan Hermawan, Bec Sandridge and Maize Wallin, journalists/media such as Kate Hennessy, Kathy McCabe, Rod Yates, Amelia Jenner and Katie Cunningham, and a string of PR, management, bookers, label folk, agents and other industry types from APRA AMCOS' Brett Cottle and Sounds Australia's Millie Millgate and Glenn Dickie to Helen Marcou of Bakehouse Studios, Matt Walters from Parlour, Leanne De Souza of the Association of Artist Managers, Sydney Festival's Stuart Rogers, and so very many, many other champions of local music.

"BIGSOUND Festival 2017 is the culmination of several years of preparation to take things to the next level,” QMusic executive officer Joel Edmondson said in a statement. "We're excited to bring everyone together in September to experience what we have in store! Thanks to the many, many people who make BIGSOUND what it is, including everyone that attends the event."

BIGSOUND 2017 hits Brisbane from 5-8 September. Tickets, details and the full program/schedule are all available at the event's website. Tickets available here.

BIGSOUND 2017 — Final Speakers' Announcement

360 — Artist (Aus)
Allysun Marshall — Sugaroo! (USA)
Alex Zaccaria — Bolster (Aus)
Amelia Jenner — FBI Radio (Aus)
Andy Kelly — Winterman & Goldstein (Aus)
Aniela Swiatek — Thinking Loud (Aus)
Anthony Zaccaria — Bolster (Aus)
Bec Sandridge — Independent Artist (Aus)
Brett Cottle — APRA AMCOS (Aus)
Brian Turner — WFMU (USA)
Charlotte Abroms — Hear Hear Group (Aus)
Chris McDonnell — Eventbrite (Aus)
Chris Scaddan — ABC (Aus)
Claire Riordan — Inertia Music (Aus)
Craig Spann — The Appointment Group (Aus)
Damian Cunningham — Live Music Office (Aus)
Daniel Dewar — Paperchain (Aus)
Danny Kier — Sound Diplomacy (UK)
Dave Faulkner— Freelance Artist/Journalist (Aus)
David Grice — Musitec (Aus)
David O'Rourke — Nightlife Music (Aus)
Denis Ladegaillerie — Believe Digital (France)
Dominic Furber — 1990 / Audiopaxx (Aus)
Eoin McCarthy — Hydric Media (Aus)
Gary Seeger — peermusic / Trackdown (Aus)
Glenn Dickie — Sounds Australia (Aus)
Hans van Vliet — 7bit Hero / IV Motion (Aus)
Helen Marcou — Bakehouse Studios (Aus)
Henry Compton — The Orchard (Aus)
Jack Ball — Hit 105 (Aus)
Jacqui Louez — Jaxsta (Aus)
Jacqui Walter — Stage & Screen Travel (Aus)
Jaime Gough — Native Tongue Publishing (Aus)
James Cheatley — Screen Producers Association (Aus)
Janine Morcos — Cooking Vinyl (Aus)
Jared Kristensen — Audience Republic (Aus)
Jennifer Taunton — Midnight Choir (Aus)
Jenny Valentish — Woman of Substances (Aus)
Jess Carroll — Inmocean (Aus)
Joel Edmondson — QMusic / BIGSOUND (Aus)
Joel King — Evolve Media LLC (Aus)
John Ferguson — Griffith University (Aus)
Jonathan Hermawan — Apakatjah (Aus)
Kate Ben Tovim — Arts Centre Melbourne (Aus)
Kate Bradley — Everywhere Roadie (Aus)
Kate Hennessy — Journalist (Aus)
Kathy McCabe — News Corp Australia (Aus)
Katie Cunningham — Junkee Media (Aus)
Laurence Plant — IBM (Aus)
Leanne de Souza — AAM (Aus)
Leko Novakovic — Novatech (Aus)
Luke Girgis — Seventh Street Media (Aus)
Maize Wallin — Maize Wallin (Aus)
Matt Walters — Parlour (Aus)
Matt Wilson — Novus Res (Aus)
Matthew Rogers — Unified Music Group (Aus)
Matty Woo — Macro Music (Aus)
Michael Crutcher — 55 comms (Aus)
Michela Ledwidge — Studio Mod (Aus)
Michelle Buxton — Buxton Walker (Aus)
Michelle Johnson — SuperMusicVision (USA)
Millie Millgate — Sounds Australia (Aus)
Mo Jalloh — Zimrii Music (Aus)
Monique Bour — MTV ANZ (Aus)
Namila Benson — Independent Freelancer (Aus)
Nate Auerbach — Versus Creative (USA)
Neil Robertson — Music Glue (Aus)
Nick O'Byrne — Look Out Kid (Aus)
Niriko McLure — Wonder (Aus)
Oliver Knust Restucci — IMICHILE (CL)
Rhianna Patrick — ABC Radio (Aus)
Rob Cannon — AIM (Aus)
Rod Yates — Rolling Stone (Aus)
Ryan Walsh — SST (Aus)
Samuel Bright — CLIPPED Music Video Fest (Aus)
Shaad D'Souza — Writer (Aus)
Sophie Roberts — 13 Artists (UK)
Stacey Piggott — Secret Service (Aus)
Stephen Phillips — PopGun (Aus)
Stu McCullough — AIR / Amplifire Music (Aus)
Stu Watters — Nightlife Music (Aus)
Stuart Field — Oztix (Aus)
Stuart Rogers — Sydney Festival (Aus)
Teresa Patterson — NZ Music Managers Forum (NZ)
Tim Shiel — Double J / Spirit Level (Aus)
Tom Hajdu — Sia Furler Institute (Aus)
Troy Sincock — Fresh 92.7 (Aus)
Triana Hernandez — Mellum PR (Aus)
Udaravi Widanapathirana — Mellum PR (Aus)
Wenona Lok — imagikai (Aus)

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