Behemoth Fined And Deported From Russia

23 May 2014 | 6:06 pm | Staff Writer

The Polish metal band has been ejected from the country following their detainment

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Russia doesn't screw around - less than 24 hours after being detained over "bad visas", Polish metal icons Behemoth have reported they have been fined and consequently deported from the European country.

As The Guardian reports, in speaking to Polish TV station Polsat News, the band's frontman Nergal, aka Adam Darski, said that the members were each fined 2000 rubles (about $63.10) over the unspecified migration law infringement and ordered to depart Russia in as swift a manner as practicable.

"It seemed like we actually got a really nice judge, and wise, because this was a humane decision," Nergal said. "It felt like she sympathised with us. We actually received the minimal fine with a recommendation for how to leave Russia as quickly as possible."

"Now we want to get some rest after a sleepless night and return home as quickly as possible," he added.

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The international metal icons were four shows in to a 13-date tour before being detained in an action that some have likened to - albeit in a less ideologically charged context - the much-publicised jailing of members from Russian femme-punk band Pussy Riot.

The band has since posted some photos of the ordeal on their Facebook page, and have promised a further personal update once they have landed back in Poland safely and properly absorbed the madness of the past 48 hours.