Barkaa, Horrorshow & More On Why New Hip-Hop Doco 'Burn Gently' Is So Important

21 March 2023 | 4:50 pm | Staff Writer

Aussie hip-hop doco 'Burn Gently' is set for release on March 23, so to celebrate, we've recruited the talented people involved to explain why this film is so crucial for Australian music history.

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Director Antony Attridge

“Needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of this body of work. The sheer amount of work, the time and dedication our team had, our partners and families and the support they gave us... it's a great feeling to finally have the film released. But most importantly, in its 50th year, this is hip hop's moment. This is all the artist's (included in the film and otherwise) moment. This is for the culture of hip hop, and I hope it becomes a resource in evolving the music industry to a stronger, brighter and more inclusive space. Let's rebuild. And when we do, let's make damn sure hip hop (and its music) gets a respected seat at the table.”

N'fa Jones

"This is a great time in music. Fifty years of hip-hop and the butterfly effect that a kick, snare and an idea has had globally.

"Being part of the Australian hip-hop expression, this film represents a continued contribution to the art form and a recorded document of Australian culture and industry through the lens of hip-hop. The Australian industry has always critiqued hip-hop, and now we get to critique the Australian industry as a documented voice in a continuing conversation toward a better understanding of who we are and where we are heading."

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Michelle Grace Hunder (Music Photographer)

"I’m excited to see what I know has been years of work for the guys come to fruition. The task of documentary filmmaking is so incredibly difficult, so to get it to this final point is a huge accomplishment!!"

Solo (Horrorshow)

"I’m excited to see Burn Gently first and foremost as a hip-hop fan. I think it’s significant to have the story of the origins and development of hip-hop in this country framed by people from within it, who understand its nuances.

"Too often, discussions about hip-hop in Australia are dismissive or divisive. Judging by the trailer, I feel like Burn Gently has been made with the intent of documenting the diverse contributions of multiple generations and capturing the continual growth and evolution of this culture that means so much to so many of us."

Maya Jupiter

"Burn Gently is important because it tells the full story of Australian hip-hop from the perspective of the artists who have lived it.

"I’m excited about this release because it will be a permanent record of this point in time of Australian Hip Hop culture while giving our community a chance to celebrate all that we have created."


"I'm really excited to come together as a collective and yarn about how impactful hip-hop culture is to all of us and how it translates within diverse groups."

Watch the trailer for 'Burn Gently' below and find out more info here

Melbourne, Cinema Nova, March 23 - TICKETS

Sydney, Dendy Cinema, March 30 - TICKETS

Newcastle, Civic Theatre, March 31 - TICKETS

Canberra, Dendy Cinema, April 27 - TICKETS

Castlemaine, Theatre Royal, May 11 - TICKETS

More shows TBC!