Bad Omens Frontman Details 'Extreme Burnout' As Band Cancels Shows

24 May 2024 | 10:58 am | Emma Newbury

“We know this will be disappointing, but we ask that you respect our choice to put health first.”

Bad Omens

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Metalcore band Bad Omens revealed earlier this week on their socials that they would be cancelling their June and July shows in Europe and the UK, citing “extreme burnout” as the reason for the hiatus. 

It's not wrong that the band have been working exceptionally hard. The group have already released three singles in the first quarter of 2024 alone, collaborating with big names such as Poppy, So Wylie, HEALTH, and SWARM.

The group would also feature on Too Close To Touch’s single Novocaine, marking the final album for Too Close To Touch after lead singer Keaton Pierce’s passing in 2022. Bad Omens lead singer Noah Sebastian and Keaton shared a strong friendship, and the two bands have been associated with the same crowds through the years. 

Not only was the band busy in the studio but also on the road. The dawn of 2024 saw Bad Omens perform across the UK, opening for Bring Me The Horizon before jetting over to Europe to headline shows with the support of Poppy. The band would then tour the US from April to May before playing their most recent stint at Pointfest in Missouri, totalling over 30 shows within the current year.

Along with this string of shows, the Virginia-based band were all set to tour the UK and Europe again, with a further 15 gigs, to promote their upcoming 26-track collaborative album, Concrete Jungle

Sebastian posted an official statement of the cancellation of these upcoming 15 shows on the band’s Stories earlier this morning (Friday, 24 May):

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“I’ve been experiencing what can only be described as extreme burnout,” he started.

“While all the touring and work that we’ve put into this album cycle the last several years has been so gratifying and rewarding, it has also pushed me to the limits of my mental health bandwidth. Putting my mind and body in conflict with one another in ways that are becoming detrimental to my health on the road.

“That said, after heavy consideration, we’ve decided that we need to cancel all of our performances coming up this summer in Europe and the UK.

“This decision is in the best interest of my health and wellbeing and of the long-term sustainability of Bad Omens. We need to protect and restore all of the energy that will be demanded of us again soon as we transition into the next chapter.

“We know this will be disappointing, but we ask that you respect our choice to put health first.”

Source: Bad Omens’ Instagram Stories

Last month, the band confirmed that they would be releasing a 26-track project titled Concrete Jungle (The OST) on Friday, 31 May. However, the band’s team has yet to comment on whether any album promotion will continue in the lead-up or if a pushback will occur until Sebastian is at his best.