B.O.B & Neil DeGrasse Tyson Are Legit Feuding Over Whether Earth Is Flat Or Not

27 January 2016 | 12:33 pm | Staff Writer


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Veteran rapper and apparently renowned scholar B.o.B has dragged popular astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson into a Twitter debate-turned-actual-rap-battle over whether the planet Earth is flat or not, more than 2000 years after ancient Greek astronomers first thought they had a pretty solid answer to that question.

In a wide-ranging, days-long tweet stream taken right out of the Conspiracy Theorist Starter Pack — in which B.o.B expressed everything from certainty of the existence of human cloning centres to scepticism about the legitimacy of the nuclear bombs that ended World War II, with a healthy dose of suggestion that we're all sheep for believing in science — the rapper honed in hardcore on the notion that our planet is a sphere, an obviously frivolous, hole-ridden theory that B.o.B seems pretty convinced he has utterly disproven because you can't actually, like, see the Earth's curve in photos, man. He even implied that the planet doesn't spin on its axis, for good measure.

Just look at this.

Having invoked physics in his argument, as though casting some kind of Science Signal into the (probably fake) sky, B.o.B's train of thought was soon derailed by a sweet serve of facts from DeGrasse Tyson, who straight up bungee-jumped into the mental abyss with his own rebuttals for the rapper's insistence of a flat Earth.

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After posting countless photos and PDFs apparently supporting his theory, B.o.B clarified that this actually isn't anything to do with promoting his music, although it has culminated in something we couldn't possibly have seen coming: the aforementioned rap battle with DeGrasse Tyson (well, his nephew, Tyson, filling in on vocal flow for NDT) by way of opposing tracks asserting their distinct points of view.

Here are the direct embeds for the tracks:

And... that's it. They've moved on. It ended as unceremoniously as it began. B.o.B wants to talk about the Super Bowl now. Well, that and human cloning. Never change, B.o.B. You haven't been this interesting in years.