Azealia Banks Lashes Out At Aussie DJ After 'New Bottega' Remix Is Released

11 March 2023 | 8:54 am | Staff Writer

"No the actual ghetto that the Australians are once again displaying."

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Australian house music producer Torren Foot remixed the beloved Azealia Banks track, New Bottega, and the remix has been released via the Sydney label, Sweat It Out. 

In a post on Instagram, Foot said, “I produced this beat in my bedroom and licensed it to @sweatitoutmusic .. they reached out to Azealia Banks to write & perform a feature vocal, she worked her magic, and NEW BOTTEGA was born.”

According to Banks, that’s not how it happened. She responded via her Instagram stories, “This is a lie, I extracted a sample from a track called way2go which was a Cassie remix you made in your bedroom, I reproduced the beat, Paid out of pocket for the mix and master, wrote the song, conceptualized [sic] everything and you’re literally stealing.”

She continued, “I don’t recognize [sic] this cover art, and noticed that you’ve once again desperately tried to denature the beauty of my creation in a greedy attempt to not sign proper split sheets showing that 20-25% of the production was done by Azealia Banks & Chad Dexter, By ONCE AGAIN, adding shit to my song without approval.”

In a separate story, Banks wrote, “His label sent a letter ‘threatening’ to release it but babe… it sounds like shit, you could’ve saved your threats. 

“These white boys get way too excited about me. They’re always blowing their loads entirely too soon. And that my friends, is how you ruin a hit record. By being a poser.”

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Less than an hour ago, Banks claimed that Sony/ATV are in the middle of initiating a takedown of the New Bottega remix. “They’ve legally forfeited any rights to any[thing] and everything with that threat and that leak,” she added.

Then, referencing her recent chaotic Australian tour, she signed off with “No the actual ghetto that the Australians are once again displaying”.

In a December Instagram post, Banks wrote, "My gut instinct told me not to come down here and stay my ass home. Next time I will listen to myself. For I am more often than not.... always right.”

She added in another Instagram story, "YALL WHITE PEOPLE DOWN HERE ARE BROKE AND RACIST LMAO," and labelled Bizarro and Point Productions "pubic lice".

You can listen to the New Bottega remix here.