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Attila Drop ‘Callout 2’, Is Almost So Bad That It’s Good (Almost)

17 February 2018 | 2:09 am | Alex Sievers
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"Fuck the band Attila/Sike, we're the fucking shit!"

"Fuck the band Attila/Sike, we're the fucking shit!"

One of the more famous/infamous tracks from Attila’s 2013 record 'About That Life' was the totally respectful and indeed insightful ‘Callout’, in which the band's main man, Chris Fronzak, called out Westboro Baptist, fake individuals in the heavy music scene, For TodayJonny Craig and Ronnie Radke. Because why the hell not I guess?

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Well, the sequel to a song that no one really asked for actually dropped the other day, the numerically logical ‘Callout 2’; a decent enough excuse for the band to whip up obnoxiously heavy breakdowns and heavily programmed and edited instrumentals. It's also an excuse for Fronz to set his sights on a range of targets by really showing them what he's got - simply telling them to all get fucked, the utter madman. This list includes the likes of Asking Alexandria's vocalists, Emmure, Senses Fail’s Buddy Neilsen, Jeffree Star, Tim Lambesis, YouTuber Logan Paul, POS Harvey Weinstein, Martin Shkreli, IssuesTyler Carter, crooked politicians, homophobes, racists, record labels, and even the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. (To be fair, that stingray can get fucked). All in which old mate Fronz sounds as pissed and as cringey as ever, taking wide aim and dropping more F-bombs than ever before - 48 in total, actually.

Of course, this is Attila we're talking about – and especially with this kind of song - it's all meant to be a joke and them just messing around. Which I get, but honestly, I feel like the "joke" just isn’t that amusing anymore. As this article's title states, 'Callout 2' is almost so bad that it's good. Well, almost.

Also, the now independent metalcore band have recently worked on some brand new material with producer Matt Good (which seems like an odd fit in my mind). So be sure to expect a new release of some kind to drop in 2018 from Attila if this is your thing and for this ridiculous speeding train to not stop anytime soon. For better and for worse.