Are Trivium Finished?

22 August 2023 | 2:53 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"When this tour cycle ends, we’re gonna take a true break."


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According to Trivium frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy, it’s time for the band to take a well-earned break after releasing ten albums and embarking on ten tours in support of them.

Revealing the band’s plans to go on hiatus, Heafy told EMP at Summer Breeze Open Air festival that he and his bandmates are interested in taking a break and have “no plans for a new record”. But there are plans for the band’s own studio.

“We’re just going on a proper break this time because we’ve done ten albums of ‘album-tour, album-tour,’” Heafy said, telling EMP that he’s usually secretive when Trivium are working on new music, but this time, he had nothing to hide.

Heafy added, “This time, when this tour cycle ends, we’re gonna take a true break, and instead of working on music, we’re actually gonna work on building our Hangar studio.”

Putting their minds towards the Hangar studio – named after Hangar 18 by Megadeth? – when Trivium decide it’s time to make an album again, “We can do that again. But there are currently no plans for a new record. And I’m not being deceitful there. There’s no plans right now.” You can watch the interview below.

Trivium revealed their plans for the Hangar record studio, a converted, refurbished aeroplane, in April 2020. A year later, he told Loudwire about the band’s intention behind the new studio, “We would have had to locate a facility, payday rates for manufacturer space… this thing is everything we'd ever need.”

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Telling the publication that by that time, Trivium had already filmed a music video, mini live DVD, live stream and photoshoots in the Hangar, he continued, “We have the giant Hangar itself, which can be absolutely anything anyone would need. I believe that it will soon pay for itself with the more content that we make.”

In Kill Your Stereo’s review of Knotfest Sydney earlier this year, we clarified that Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr still goes just as hard as it did circa 2005. Meanwhile, in Brisbane, we commented that Heafy “delivered a masterclass in modern metal”.

We added, “He really does spearhead the band and anchor it in such a way as to translate it to the crowd and the fans, and there is such precision in the delivery.”