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Angus Young Joined Guns N' Roses In Sydney Last Night After All

11 February 2017 | 8:59 am | Staff Writer

We stand corrected

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Yesterday, we asked the promoters of Guns N' Roses' current Australian tour whether legendary Australian rocker Angus Young would be joining the visiting headbangers for their show in Sydney.

In case you missed it, they said that they had nooooo idea whether the AC/DC guitarist would pop up at the US icons' performance, which went down at ANZ Stadium last night.

There were signs, sure — a bouquet of flowers here, a bit of playful airport fraud there, last year's Coachella collab between Angus and the band, Axl Rose's role as AC/DC's ring-in frontman for their Rock Or Bust tour — but, ultimately, we had it on good authority that nobody involved with the promotion of the tour had heard anything about it happening.

Hey, maybe they hadn't.

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And, to be fair, we only ever said it was unlikely to happen, not that it wouldn't — but, still, we stand here humbled and corrected, because Young absolutely did end up joining Gunners on stage last night. So, kindly excuse us while we eat our words.

The usually school-uniform-clad muso came out on stage in a positively casual look of T-shirt and jeans to help perform well-loved AC/DC track Whole Lotta Rosie and a melange of iconic riffs, an occurrence that audience member and fan Stevie Ray Astor described as "truly an epic event". 

As if it would have been anything less than.

OK. Well played, Guns N' Roses and team. You pulled it off, and you only had to straight-up lie to us to do it. (Kidding. It's all good. Maybe. We'll talk.)

Guns N' Roses' Australian tour stays in Sydney for another show at ANZ Stadium (and another Young cameo?) tonight, with support from Wolfmother and Rose Tattoo. Further dates remain in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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