Cate Blanchett Leaves STC Gig To Andrew Upton

19 August 2012 | 11:36 am | Staff Writer

Andrew Upton has been appointed as the Artistic Director of Sydney Theatre Company, announced earlier this week by David Gonski, Chairman of Sydney Theatre Company, and is to commence in the position as of 1 January 2013.

The position was previously shared between Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett, who began their tenure as Co-Artistic Directors in January 2008. Now after five years, Upton will be taking over the venture solo for another three year term.

Cate Blanchett has expressed her support in the decision. "I was very excited for STC when Andrew was appointed for another term. We weighed up all of our personal and professional needs and felt that – with Australia as our home – it was a great way to bring all of our initiatives at the Company to fruition. It is very important for STC to consolidate and build at this time,” she said. “I've always said he was the brains behind the operation!”

The duo's final STC program for 2013 will be announced Thursday 6 September 2012.