Andrew Lloyd Webber Drops DJ Set On Soundcloud... Because 2022

29 March 2022 | 11:54 am | Stephen Green

His set was a washout.... but here's what we missed.

Andrew Lloyd Webber visiting Sydney for the launch of The Phantom Of The Opera on the harbour was a welcome but expected 2022 occurrence. The emergence of "DJ Webz" (yes, you read correctly) for a DJ set at the afterparty was less expected. 

Unfortunately for Webz, the torrential Sydney rain on Saturday cut his set short, with power to the decks cutting out before the end of the first song -- of course, a dance remix of Phantom itself. 

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But fear not! The musical theatre megastar has taken to Soundcloud, posting a mix of what WOULD have been his triumphant Sydney Harbour set and it's a head-turner that proves the 74 year old has his fingers more firmly on the pulse than you might think. 

Dropping a bit of Billie Eilish and Endor, Webz also gave a nod to Australia with a bit of Shouse and Empire Of The Sun and gave a nod to the current charts with Super Hi's Following The Sun. In a very broad set, he also dropped some big remixes of The Bee Gees, Billy Myers and 50 Cent along with a new version of Who Let The Dogs Out.

With the set only 20 minutes, Webber crams 12 bangers into the mix in an impressive display of delicious commercialness. The book-ended Phantom theme ID remix might be a bit much for some, but if you've sat in the rain watching the whole glorious musical looking across Sydney harbour all night, who wouldn't play to the crowd?

The set is not Webber's first, debuting his DJ Webz skills in October last year for the re-opening of Broadway's Majestic Theatre.