DJ Alison Wonderland Looks To Sing On New Demos

18 May 2012 | 2:48 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

With the release of her mix-tape today, we look to the future of Alison Wonderland.

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Sydney based DJ Alison Wonderland, real name Alex  Scholler, drops her debut album/mix tape, Welcome To Wonderland, today and it's one that her label, EMI, are putting a big push behind.

An act that they hope with flourish internationally with the aid of their newly structured EMI Dance Network - essentially an opening of the communication lines between regions - Bart Cools, EMI Music's Executive Vice President for marketing in Europe and the Rest of the World, was recently presented with some demos that she hopes will make up her first album of original material.

"She's just delivered 15, I think, demos here, I've heard only one of them," he told this week. "It's very interesting, I mean interesting in a positive way. She's singing."

As a young artist who is still best known in Sydney, last year she came through the ranks of EMI's She Can DJ competition, and Cools believes that she needs to find her stride before bringing too many new ideas to the fore.

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"She's delivered a few remixes... the Sam Sparro one's been played on Radio 1 a few times by Pete Tong. I think that's going to be a developing story and it's going to be very interesting to follow. The music has to be made here. She'll be coming into Europe as well so we'll see if we can work her way through different artists and producers and stuff like that.

"Alison - or Alex - needs to find her own feet a little bit more before we can say, 'OK, this is where we go'. She's not ready to do that at the moment and I think the guys here, Scott [Horscroft] as well, understand and she's comfortable with that - let's try this and let's try that and let's work with a few more people to see if we can crystalise what it is that she wants to say."

He added, "She's got these two personalities. She's an amazing party DJ, mix-tape wonder if you like, and she's also a very creative musician. And I think for the tracks that she wants to do for herself as an artist album, she's going to be a lot more Alex than Alison Wonderland the party DJ. We need to find the way to combine those two without them fighting each other."