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Aldi Supermarket To Launch Music Streaming Service With Napster

29 September 2015 | 9:58 am | Staff Writer

An unlikely pairing.

Well, who would have seen this coming?

In what is the most unlikely of pairings, supermarket chain Aldi is teaming up with music service Napster to launch its open streaming service, to be called Aldi Life Musik.

According to Fairfax the new service will use the music from Napster's online store but will not offer free music past a 30 day trial.

Currently available only in Germany for A$12.88, Aldi Life has 34 million songs available on its service and 10,000 audiobooks. 

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Napster was famously shut down in 2001 due to copyright infringement and the company's brand and logos were acquired by US software company Roxio in 2002 in a bankruptcy auction, though later sold to consumer corporation Best Buy in 2008 for $121 million dollars.

In 2011, Best Buy merged Napster with its online music store, Rhapsody.

Aldi's new partnership with Napster adds to the ever-growing list of streaming services, though it comes in the wake of Aussie telecommunications company Telstra shutting down its own music service, Mog, after it failed to rival its competitors such as Spotify and Pandora.

It is yet to be announced when the Aldi music service will be available in Australia.