Aboriginal Rock Act Southeast Desert Metal To Feature On Adam Hills' British TV Special

26 October 2015 | 2:49 pm | Neil Griffiths

Not a bad way to get some exposure.

Just days after the release of their debut album, Aboriginal heavy metal act Southeast Desert Metal are set to receive some huge national exposure with news that the band will feature on comedian Adam Hills' TV show The Last Leg next year. 

Currently back in Australia to film The Last Leg Down Under Road Trip special, Hills caught the band live on stage in their home town of Santa Teresa, just 70km outside of Alice Springs, while they were performing at a festival in support of the album launch and the TV host loved what he heard. 

Speaking to theMusic, frontman Chris Wallace called Hills a "good bloke".

"Having the camera crew follow me around and interviewing me was alright. He said he really loved the album and enjoyed the show."

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While he was excited about the idea of the band being featured on national television, Wallace admitted that it did also make him nervous. 

"My English isn't really good," he explained.

"I haven't been to school much, you know. I didn't get a good education. I grew up with my own language Arrernte."

Hills was the first person to purchase the record at the festival of around 500 people and even asked for the band to sign it.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Hills explained that he loved what he heard from the self-called 'most isolated metal band in the world' because of the power their music had on the community.

"They drew together an entire community with songs about traditional values, and with strong positive messages," Hill said. 

Wallace said the reason their songs connect so well with the community is because many of their tracks are indigenous stories. 

"These songs are about who we are. They're messages to young people," he explained. 

"A lot of our young indigenous teenagers are committing suicide and not knowing much about their identity. And so I try to get that message out there through music. Because a lot of young people relate to music more. Music is a great way to send a message. Music is the way, you know?"

Wallace cited one particular song from the album, Disturbing The Spirits, which contains a strong message very dear to him. 

"This was once our ancestors land, our stomping ground, our hunting ground. Now that's gone, you know, through greed," he explained. 

"They're selling the land for money but you can't go back. You can't stop it. Everybody is into the money nowadays, not realising what they're doing. Fucking up the country. And the younger generation aren't going to learn the stories of the land."

"All the sites will be damaged. The Elders before us looked after these places, they didn't allow people to come in and dig or contaminate the land. It meant a lot of things to them. So this song is a strong message to all races to understand what they're doing."

Southeast Desert Metal's album is out now — click here for more details.

The Adam Hills TV special will be screened internationally on UK's Channel 4 in early 2016. An Australian screen date is yet to be announced.