A Night In Texas part ways with Rheese Peters

2 March 2016 | 10:34 am | Alex Sievers
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Rheese Peters, the voice of Brisbane unholy metal outfit A Night In Texas, has left the local group.

Rheese Peters, the voice of Brisbane unholy metal outfit A Night In Texas, has left the local group.

While it is unclear as to why the musician and the extreme metal band split, the band did state, in a (brief) post, that they have it under control, commenting, "Relax guys, we got this".

You can read the full statement in all of its short glory below.

"Rheese Peters is no longer a member of A Night In Texas.

Not to be concerned, we DO already have an amazing new vocalist that we've recorded new music with.

Faster, heavier & darker than ever.

More information regarding this soon.

- A Night In Texas"

Well, we know that Thy Art Is Murder are probably looking for a full-time singer. Probably.

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