5 Seconds Of Summer's Michael Clifford To Be A Father

14 June 2023 | 8:52 am | Mary Varvaris

"I've been a dog dad for a long time, so I think I'm ready for a small human to take care of..."

5 Seconds Of Summer

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You know a band is all grown up when its members start announcing they’re expecting a baby.

5 Seconds Of Summer have been around since 2011, toured alongside One Direction and have played shows across the globe, but guitarist Michael Clifford is about to embark on his biggest journey to date: he’s about to be a father.

Sharing some beautiful photos on Instagram (taken by photographer Ryan Fleming), Clifford wrote, “You’re already everything,” with an eyes welling up emoji and the announcement that “baby Clifford" is expected to arrive on November 11 of this year.

Clifford and his wife, Crystal Leigh, also offered statements to People, with the guitarist admitting he is “filled with excitement and also with nerves”. He added, "I've been a dog dad for a long time, so I think I'm ready for a small human to take care of and communicate with conversationally after eight years of one-sided dog convos!"

While Leigh commented that her pregnancy experience has been “pretty great” so far, there was also a scare on Easter when she faced a subchorionic hematoma, which causes 20 percent of bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy.

"We did have a small complication in the beginning, a subchorionic hematoma,” Leigh explained to People. “It caused a lot of bleeding, which was absolutely terrifying. We raced to the doctor on Easter when it happened, but thankfully our baby was OK."

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She added that creating a safe, comfortable home is of great importance to the parents-to-be, referencing Clifford’s job and still keeping a space just for the family. "With how much Michael tours, I think the at-home environment being a complete oasis is so important,” Leigh said.

“I’m hoping that when our perfect little screaming-crying-pooping-bundle-of-joy comes speeding full force into our lives, the calm and peaceful home we’ve created will help provide some balance."

Clifford also offered that being Leigh’s husband and partner during her pregnancy has given him a newfound appreciation of life – namely, the cycle of pregnancy giving life. "The fact that for every single human on the planet (including everyone reading this) a strong woman had to go through carrying a baby, going through all of the emotions that come with being pregnant, and then deliver the baby is just astounding."

He added, "It's incredibly remarkable and shows just how strong women are. Crystal is going to be an amazing mother." You can read the full profile with the couple here.

In 2021, Clifford and Leigh married in a private ceremony after dating since 2016.

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