Were 5 Seconds Of Summer Ever Pop Punk? The Boys Join 'The Green Room'

5 July 2019 | 12:35 pm | Neil Griffiths

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Back in the country to promote their new single Easier, Sydney's own 5 Seconds Of Summer join this week's The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast!

Frontman Luke Hemmings and guitarist Michael Clifford sat down with host Neil Griffiths to talk about the band's new direction and shaking up the public perception of their early pop punk sound. 

The guys also dropped some more hints about their upcoming fourth album and what we can expect.

"It's really odd, because kinda everyone called us, like, a boy band at the time and then now that we're kinda older and we had [third album Youngblood], people called that era pop punk," Hemming said.

Clifford added of 5SOS' earlier sound, "It was youthful and we were encapsulating the spirit of what pop punk and that punk spirit gave us. 

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"We were just kids doing it and I think that bands evolve... "

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