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2DayFM Takes Massive Blow As Dan & Maz Tumble Again

29 September 2015 | 12:57 pm | Staff Writer

All the stats from this year's six radio surveys.

After a rather lacklustre year, 2DayFM breakfast hosts Dan & Maz enjoyed a nice boost in the last radio ratings, however with the statistics coming out of today's results in what is the year's sixth survey, the show suffered a big drop adding more pressure to the popular network. 

See the metro ratings figures below. Click on image for larger version.


The pressure surely must be on for 2DayFM's breakfast program which took a big hit and fell by 0.8 from the last survey's to hold a share of just 3.1. Similarly to last year's breakfast team, the results have not swung in their favour at all this year and time will only tell if Southern Cross Austereo are willing to ride it out and hope the tide turns, but with these results, they may have to make some big calls sooner rather than later. 

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Meanwhile after two disappointing surveys, KIISFM's powerhouse duo of Kyle & Jackie O saw an improvement of 0.5 to claim a share of 8.3, though it fell in second place again to WSFM's Jonesy & Amanda who claimed a share of 8.5.

Sydney's triple j network had very little movement this time out, with the breakfast slot taking a slight decrease of 0.3 to finish with a 5.9 share, while their evening and weekend shares were both up by 1.5. 


In what was the biggest blow for triple j across the country, the youth network took a weekday share dive of 2.2, after experiencing decreases in all time slots. While breakfast took a hit of 1.9 to fall to a 6.6 share, the biggest declines came in the afternoon and drive slots, both falling by 2.4.

The return of Hamish & Andy for Southern Cross has proved a master stroke and increases throughout the drive slot have continued in Brisbane, as they enjoyed an increase of 2.9 to take out a 13.0 share. 

Meanwhile, Nova's reign as the #1 breakfast slot has been short-lived, with ABC's Spencer Howson climbing back to the top with an impressive 14.0 share, to beat out Kip & Luttsy who had a very disappointing drop of 2.1 to claim a 11.4 share. 


While the breakfast war is usually the big talking point in most cities, Melbourne's drive slot has seen quite the shake-up, with KIIS duo Hughesy & Kate feel the brunt of the return of Hamish & Andy. 

The veteran hosts fell by 1.7 to take out a 7.9 share, while the newly returned comedy pair enjoyed a big increase of 2.5 to take out a 12.8 share and the title of the state's #1 drive show.

Melbourne's tripe j network again experienced drops across the board, with the biggest decrease coming in the evening slot, where it decreased by 0.9.


After enjoying a big boost in the previous survey, Hamish & Andy have done it again with a 1.7 increase in the drive slot to hold a share of 11.3, though still behind Nova who took out a share of 12.7, even though it experienced a massive 2.5 share drop. 

Triple j's drive slot took a very disappointing bump of 1.3 to hold an 8.8 share.

Mix 102.3 again lead the way in the breakfast wars by a large margin and jumped up again by 1.7 to claim a 15.3, dominating ABC which finished in second place with a 13.5 share.


As they always are, the FM breakfast wars were tight and though Mix 94.5 finished first last time around, Nova came out on top in the latest surveys as it enjoyed a big increase of 1.5 to hold a 13.5 share, just beating out Mix who finished with a share of 13.2.

Nova also enjoyed bragging rights in the drive slot, which jumped up by 0.8 to post a 16.3 share, though Hamish & Andy are hot on their heels after a big increase of 2.6 to finish with a 15.4 share.

Triple j's weekday share enjoyed a marginal increase of 0.3 after it enjoyed bumps in the breakfast, morning, afternoon and evening slots.