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Troye Sivan Is The GQ Australia 'Man Of The Year'

7 December 2023 | 10:36 am | Mary Varvaris

As he accepted the award, Troye Sivan noted the “irony of me winning ‘man’ of the year when I did drag for the first time this year.”

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan (Credit: Terrence O'Connor)

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Troye Sivan’s extremely impressive 2023 continues, as the singer, actor and model has been named GQ Australia’s Man of the Year.

He was crowned with the award yesterday (6 December) at a formal event in Sydney. As well as Sivan, Adam Briggs won the GQ Australian Icon award and Australian singer-songwriter and producer Eddie Benjamin was named the Breakthrough Musician of the Year.

On Sivan’s win, GQ Australia editor-in-chief Jake Millar cited the year he’s had as the reason for being named Man of the Year, from winning four ARIA Awards and receiving Grammy nominations for his album Something To Give Each Other to appearing on screen and stages.

Millar said, via B And T, “No one has had a bigger year than Aussie sensation Troye Sivan. Not only did he release his acclaimed third album, which won four ARIA Awards and received two Grammy nominations, but he has appeared on screen, on the fashion runway, and even found time to release his own successful lifestyle brand. It’s why Sivan is not simply one of the country’s most accomplished creatives but is a truly deserving winner of our 2023 GQ Man of the Year.”

As he accepted the award, Sivan noted the “irony of me winning ‘man’ of the year when I did drag for the first time this year.” His speech, posted on the GQ Australia website, saw him admit feeling more in touch with his femininity, which “speaks to a point I’d really like to make, which is that my relationship with masculinity has been very strange my entire life. I existed in this grey area between not being invited to sleepovers for girls’ nights and not getting along with any of the boys.”

Sivan discussed “unlearning and de-programming” years of experiences and acknowledged the support from many people. “I’m so lucky to have incredible women in my life. I pull so much from them, and their strength and power is something I’m in awe of,” he said.

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“I also have incredible men in my life. And the biggest thing for me has been the queer people in my life that I’ve met along the way. These are people I look to for self-love first and foremost and for love of each other and love of community.”

On being nominated for his first-ever Grammy Awards, Sivan wrote on Instagram, “I can’t even think- My first GRAMMY nomination…and second. A lifelong dream, no joke. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING thank you”.

Something To Give Each Other was also nominated for the 2023 Soundmerch Australian Music Prize, which ultimately went to RVG’s Brain Worms.