Tim Shiel To Depart From Double J Arvos

18 June 2024 | 4:04 pm | Mary Varvaris

Shiel is ready to take his afternoons back and "find out what happens next" after seven years of hosting Double J Arvos.

Tim Shiel

Tim Shiel (Source: Supplied)

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Tim Shiel will end his tenure as host of Double J Arvos at the end of this month, announcing his departure live on-air this afternoon (18 June).

As a member of the Double J team for the last ten years – and at the helm of Double J Arvos for seven – Shiel has been on-call and interviewed artists when they were on the cusp of blowing up: before they became the household names they are today.

From Lizzo to Fred again.. to Phoebe Bridgers, Tim Shiel has been instrumental in the station’s growth and celebratory moments, including its recent tenth birthday, Hottest 100 countdowns, and lists such as 50 Gigs You Should’ve Been At, 50 Best Australian Debut Albums, and many more.

Shiel’s final show will take place on Thursday, 27 June.

In a statement, Shiel said joining Double J from its beginnings in 2014 was an “unexpected honour” that opened numerous doors in his career.

He continued, “A few years later, to not just kick off Double J's afternoon show but then get to host it for seven years? I mean, what??? Working with the country's biggest music brains, championing local artists and their stories, interviewing hundreds of musicians, including many of my personal heroes… I'm still stunned, so blown away that I got to do this.

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“The biggest thrill, of course, has been simply hanging out in the lives and in the ears of Double J’s listeners, being with you as you do whatever you do in the afternoon: finishing up work, picking up your kiddos, prepping dinner, doing the shopping, giving birth that one time.

“Double J - you are wonderful, and I’ve loved spending my afternoons with you.”

While working with the Double J team has undoubtedly been a positive experience, Shiel is ready for something new.

Shiel concluded, “But I’m ready to take my afternoons back, and find out what happens next. In the short term, that involves spending a bunch more time hanging with my kids, and making music. Thanks for all your stories and your love over the years; the feeling is mutual.”

In addition to his radio career, Shiel has been collaborating with Chinese Australian composer Mindy Meng Wang since 2021 and maintained an impressive solo career.

In December, Double J farewelled Mikaela Simpson, host of Stir It Up, and Rad Yeo, a fixture on Weekend Mornings.

In a poignant farewell, Richard Kingsmill hosted his final edition of The Funhouse at the end of 2023.

Double J also welcomed Dylan Lewis to host Double J Mornings while other hosts were shuffled around to different timeslots. You can find out more about their movements here.