Ticketek Makes Huge Leap Forward With Enhanced Accessibility For Ticket Platform

22 November 2023 | 7:00 am | Ellie Robinson

“We believe that all Australians should have equal opportunities to attend their favourite events,” says Ticketek’s Cameron Hoy.


Ticketek (Supplied)

Ticketek have made a massive stride in the pursuit to make concerts more fun for disabled Australians, today (November 22) launching a new ticket booking platform with key accomodations for enhanced accessibility.

As it’s explained by the TEG subsidiary in a press release, these modifications – which come as additions to Ticketek’s existing online service, meaning punters won’t need to faff around with an entirely separate platform to buy accessible concert tickets – aim to “creat[e] a simpler way for people with disabilit[ies], and their companions, family and friends to purchase tickets online”.

It’s noted that one in six Australians – some 4.4 million of us, or 18 percent of the population – are living with some form of disability. But of course those of us who are disabled still love to get out and get our boogie on, so to better accomodate us, Ticketek have “listened to customer feedback and consulted with government bodies, industry partners, and advocacy groups” – among them being Spinal Life Australia and the Physical Disability Council of NSW – to make their ticket-booking services much easier to navigate.

Starting today, Ticketek customers will be able to “choose specific seats within a venue to match their needs”, as well as purchase accessible and non-accessible tickets at the same time. Options will be tailored to concertgoers with specific needs – such as accessibility for wheelchairs and/or easy access to the viewing area, or accomodations for vision and hearing impairments (such as hearing loops). Purchasers will also have the option to redeem an additional ticket for any seat within a venue, free of charge, for their companion.

It’s also pointed out that Ticketek’s enhanced digital platform is “an ‘always on’ experience for participating venues and events”, meaning concertgoers will be able to access disability-friendly tickets “online and in real-time” 24/7, with no stipulation for high-demand events.

At the time of launch, there are 34 venues across Australia that support the new platform. This number will grow over the following weeks and months, too, as Ticketek works to collaborate with other venues where it stands as an authorised ticketing provider. See below for the full list of venues supporting the new platform at launch.

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In a formal statement, managing director Cameron Hoy said of his company’s latest initiative: “At Ticketek we believe that all Australians should have equal opportunities to attend their favourite events. Offering an ideal purchasing experience for accessible seating is a project we hold close to our hearts. We are aware that the process has not been as easy as it should be to date, so we are delighted to be delivering this improved experience for fans and their companions.

“Our engineers have built a truly world-class and equitable experience and I could not be more proud of our work and dedication to date. In particular, I would like to thank industry partners, advocacy groups Spinal Life Australia and the Physical Disability Council of NSW and the many customers who have assisted us in designing this solution.

“Like all technology, it will continue to evolve over time. Ticketek are committed to work with our partners, advocacy groups and industry stakeholders to ensure our solution continues to meet industry standards, and leverages the latest technology available to facilitate the best user experience for all consumers.”

Also weighing in was Spinal Life Australia CEO Mark Townend, who praised Ticketek for the care shown to disabled concertgoers, and called on other event organisers and venue/facility managers to make similar strides forward. He said: “Attending concerts, festivals and sporting events is a favourite pastime for many Australians, including those who need more support in accessing venues.

“It’s so important that accessibility does not become a barrier for people living their life to the fullest. We are proud to have worked with Ticketek to introduce true equity to ticketing. The same customer experience whether people have a disability or not is a new benchmark in accessibility for all Australian companies to aspire to. A true customer-centric design process has led Ticketek to achieve a wonderful outcome. We look forward to continuing to support them to improve their products and services in the future. We call on all event organisers and venue and facility managers to follow this great example of improved access and inclusion.”

And in one final statement, Ed Morris – CEO of the Physical Disability Council of NSW – shared the sentiment that moves like these are essential to enhance the concertgoing experience for disabled Australians. “While most people take for granted that they can book tickets to events online in a matter of seconds,” he said, “bookings for accessible seating have usually been taken over the phone or by email. This adds delay and inconvenience, and for many people with disability means they ultimately miss out on attending concerts and events.

“These changes mean fans of music, sport and events who need accessible tickets can now purchase them from Ticketek like everybody else: online, in real time when tickets go on sale. We will be conducting a focus group with Ticketek and look forward to hearing what our community think of this new platform, and to continue working with Ticketek to achieve equal access to its services.”

Ticketek’s new accessible booking platform is available now for selected events at the following venues:


Rod Laver Arena
Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Arts Centre Melbourne)
Melbourne Arena (John Cain Arena)
Comedy Theatre (Marriner Group)
Forum Melbourne (Marriner Group)
Hamer Hall (Arts Centre Melbourne)
Her Majesty's Theatre
Playhouse (Arts Centre Melbourne)
Princess Theatre (Marriner Group)
Regent Theatre (Marriner Group)
State Theatre (Arts Centre Melbourne)
Melbourne Cricket Ground


Enmore Theatre
Qudos Bank Arena
Leichhardt Oval
Bluebet Stadium
Orange Civic Theatre
The Star Event Center
Commbank Stadium
Sydney Coliseum Theatre
ICC Darling Harbour Theatre
PAC Pavilion
Allianz Stadium


Riverside Theatre
Astor Theatre
Regal Theatre
RAC Arena


Suncorp Stadium
Brisbane Powerhouse


Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre)
Festival Theatre (Adelaide Festival Centre) 
Her Majesty's Theatre (Adelaide Festival Centre)
Space Theatre (Adelaide Festival Centre)