Melbourne Youth Radio Station SYN Launches Emergency Fundraiser To Stay On The Air

6 October 2023 | 9:26 am | Mary Varvaris

"Without your support, SYN will close its doors forever, destroying a crucial community for young people."

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SYN logo (Source: SYN website)

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Youth radio station SYN, an integral platform for young people in Melbourne looking to get their feet in creative industries, is in danger of shutting down and is hosting an emergency fundraiser to stay on the air.

“SYN and our community have just six weeks to save our station or face closing our doors for good,” SYN wrote on Twitter on Wednesday (4 October). “To stay on the air, we need you to donate now. Without your support, SYN will close its doors forever, destroying a crucial community for young people.”

SYN – the Student Youth Network – is run by the student-run not-for-profit SYN Media at RMIT University in Melbourne’s CBD. The radio station is presented by volunteers aged between 12 and 25. SYN broadcasts on FM (90.7) and DAB+ (9B).

Since the station launched in 2003, presenters under 26 years old have led programs for 12 weeks at a time on flagship shows and seasonal shows.

As well as its radio shows, SYN produces television programs on the Melbourne community broadcaster Channel 31. Up to 1,500 volunteers have contributed to SYN, with thousands of young people incorporating the platform’s training and education programmes into their studies and futures.

“SYN is at risk of disappearing after 20 years of platforming young people’s voices across Melbourne, Geelong, and the country,” the GiveNow fundraising campaign description reads.

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“Despite our efforts to keep up with the already catastrophic hit our station took in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation and an unexpected loss of grant funding, we have now turned to our cash reserves – funds which can only support us for so long.”

The description continues, “For two decades, SYN FM has been a hub for young people, a community platform and a training ground for some of Australia’s most important voices in the news, culture and music sectors. SYN has championed local music and been an important source of local news and entertainment.

“By donating, you are saving more than our broadcast. You are saving our community of nearly 300,000 monthly listeners, the passion of our 300 volunteers, and the action SYN takes to elevate youth issues across the state. Young people more than ever deserve spaces where they are respected and supported, and by donating you ensure access to that space.”

After asking anyone whose life has been positively affected by SYN’s existence, be it volunteers, anyone who has undertaken a workshop, or fostered a love for broadcasting after spending time at the youth radio station, the description concludes, “Don’t let our 20th year be our last - donate now to save SYN, and keep the doors open for young people pursuing their dreams and telling their stories.”

You can contribute a tax-deductible contribution to SYN here.