Luke Girgis Responds After Exit From The Brag Media: ‘I’m So Proud Of What We Built Together’

6 June 2024 | 2:23 pm | Ellie Robinson

“It's our culture that got us this far, so never forget that without Braggers and the culture that binds us, there's no Brag.”

Luke Girgis

Luke Girgis (Supplied)

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Earlier this week, Vinyl Group announced that Luke Girgis would no longer serve as the managing director and publisher of The Brag Media (which he co-founded and formerly acted as CEO) following a “thorough review” of the company. Now, Girgis has shared his first statement in response.

When Girgis’ exit was confirmed, it wasn’t clear whether he’d been fired or chose to leave on his own accord. His new statement doesn’t clarify anything, but he does appears to be in good standings his now-former colleagues. For example, he described Jessica Hunter – who was named alongside his exit as the new Head of The Brag Media – as one of “the two best commercial leaders in the country” alongside Batoul Peters.

Girgis said in a message of gratitude to Hunter and Peters: “Thank you for everything, you moved mountains, working along side you both gave me a great sense of pride.”

He also praised Lars Brandle – The Brag Media’s new Head Of Content – declaring him to be “the best music business journalist in the country”.

Other key figures Girgis gave special thanks to include co-founders Sam Benjamin and Poppy Reid (who remain key figures at Rolling Stone Australia), business partner Suzi Koceva, Head of Studio Katerina Taylor, and former editor and publisher Jake Challenor.

He said of his time with the company: “The Brag saw massive growth in a shrinking publishing sector where almost all our competitors either dramatically shrunk in size, left the market or shut down completely. We defied the odds and market expectations, and it’s all because of my cofounders, Sam Benjamin [and Poppy Reid]. You have become my best friends, and I’m so proud to know you both.

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Girgis went on to boast that he’s most proud of the “elite team” he developed over his seven years. “I sincerely believe The Brag has the highest-performing media professionals in the country,” he said, “and I’m unapologetically biased about that. Without these Braggers, there's no Brag, you all are the reason we achieved so much.”

In closing his statement, Girgis said of The Brag Media’s enduring impact: “The Brag has a legacy of high-quality events, content and growth. Publishing brands like Rolling Stone and Variety is a huge privilege and responsibility. It's our culture that got us this far, so never forget that without Braggers and the culture that binds us, there's no Brag. Thank you, Braggers; I’m so proud of what we built together.”

See Girgis’ full statement below:

The Brag Media’s personnel reshuffling is expected to result in some $750,000 in operational savings over the following year. In sharing the news, Vinyl Group CEO Josh Simons said: “Upon acquiring The Brag Media, the Board and I have taken the time to get to know all the incredible talent in the team. It became clear that Jessica’s leadership and commercial achievements since joining the business have made her an undeniable force.

“We believe in Jessica’s ability to steer The Brag Media, unlock its full potential and drive our ambitious growth plans forward. I look forward to working closely with Jess and Lars in their new roles. The Brag Media is synonymous with youth culture, and the best is yet to come.”

The Brag Media was acquired by Vinyl Group last December. Girgis said at the time that he “couldn’t be happier” about the merger.