Live Nation Tap Into Meditation Music Market With ‘Mindful Nation’ App

10 July 2023 | 5:17 pm | Ellie Robinson

The app costs $7.99 per month with a subscription.

Mindful Nation

Mindful Nation (Source: Supplied)

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Live Nation have joined the the growing market of “mindfulness” apps with the launch of Mindful Nation, a bespoke service dedicated to music-based meditation.

As reported by Music Business Worldwide, the app – created by Live Nation in tandem with “global wellness company” Mune (as they describe themselves on LinkedIn) – has been launched on the App Store for iOS devices, and operates with a monthly subscription. New users in Australia can take advantage of a two-week trial, after which they’ll be charged regular instalments of $7.99.

A splash page on the Mindful Nation app boasts that it features more than 500 on-demand classes (a number doubled in a press release) with new programs being added daily. Subscribers are also offered “exclusive access to Mine trainer profiles”, as well as “curated guided meditations for sleep” and “daily recommended Mune vibes”.

According to the official press release, classes on the app are curated by renowned producers and artists, with “special sonic beats” coming from the likes of Janax Pacha, Mose Musica and Chris IDH. The result, Live Nation said, is an experience that “seamlessly incorporates music into the practice of meditation”.

Mindful Nation comes as the brainchild of former artist manager Niamh McCarthy, best known for her work with the likes of U2 and Madonna. Live Nation said of her ethos: “After experiencing burnout on the road, she spent the next chapter of her life studying meditation, breathwork and yoga. McCarthy has made it her mission to bring mindfulness and meditation to the music business and now sees a massive breakthrough with the easy-to-use and intuitive Mindful Nation app.”

In a statement of her own, McCarthy further outlined her vision: “Music is transcendent and has the power to connect and support. The artists on Mindful Nation are vehicles to that higher source which we are bringing into people’s everyday lives through our meditation classes.

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“We are all totally overstimulated by the extraordinary amount of data and connectivity that exists in today’s world that we are not equipped to deal with. The classes on the Mindful Nation app are like a timeless album, never out of date. Users can keep going back to these resources again and again to support themselves through the highs and lows of life.”

Among those backing Mindful Nation are Noel Gallagher, who said that while “writing music and albums is one kind of meditation, you have to go into a particular state to do it”. He continued: “Music is the gateway to finding that higher place of peace and this platform will allow for more people to access mediation in a way that makes sense to them. [Mindful Nation is] really cool.”

Also keen on the concept is legendary magician David Blaine, who vouched for McCathy’s vision as “a wonderful way to be reminded daily of those simple things that are most important”.

You can download Mindful Nation from the App store here.