Wild Wild Women

23 April 2012 | 4:58 pm | Liza Dezfouli

Sisters are doing it for the LOLs

Sarah Levett, who is described in the line-up for Wild Women Of Comedy as “pretty blonde and pretty confused” is chatting about this year's Sydney Comedy Festival show that is putting women in the stand-up spotlight. She says the comedy festival is exciting as they “have the opportunity to perform at such a prestigious event”.

“Getting to do what I love and celebrate comedy,” she says, of what makes MICF special. “Knowing that hundreds of thousands of people will get the chance to laugh.”

The Wild Women Of Comedy line-up is Bev Killick – 'raunchier than raunchy'; Anne Ferguson – 'pearls on the outside, pearlers on the inside'; and Levett.

Seeing three attractive women on a stand-up bill presets a question that needs to be asked: Can you be feminine  – not female but feminine – and funny?

“Absolutely!” responds Levett. “Funny should be judged on its own merit. You can be Kate Middleton and be funny – she married into the royal family; her whole life is a joke. In fact, I am jealous – imagine the material! Funny is not limited to any type.”

Currently female comedians have been in the foreground with the success of Tina Fey (30 Rock, SNL), and more recently Melissa McCarthy's Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the all-female hit comedy Bridesmaids. Levett says on the recent nomination, “As Dave Hughes would say 'Good on her!'”

“It is certainly inspiring,” she continues. “We need to see more female comedians being recognised in this way on the world stage. Maybe more women will [then] have the courage a) to be funny and b) to follow their dreams. Maybe even get up and do stand-up.

“Comedians tend to be more self depreciating in general,” says Levett. “You have to be able to laugh at yourself, and you can't take it all too seriously as a comedian.” It seems that this trio of comedians certainly don't take themselves too seriously, with a promo image that shows Levett cutting Killick's hair whilst she screams.

“Let's face it, we are all a bunch of approval seekers,” she says. “I would say women in life are, though, certainly more apologetic anyway.”  

When walking into Wild Women Of Comedy audiences can expect to be faced with “high energy – [that's] original, unique, very raunchy, but honest, likeable, and charming”. When asked who she finds funny? Levett says “Kids. Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. Adam Hills, Ellen, and Ricky Gervais.”