White Port Cocktails

11 February 2016 | 11:26 am | Stephanie Liew

Summer's not over yet, and we still need those refreshing drinks to chill us out and wind us down (or gear us up?). In the mood for something a bit different to your standard G&T? Say hello to white port.

What is white port?

Obviously, it's the white version of port. Made from white grapes, it's the lighter, crisper version of the fortified wine, and goes swimmingly in cocktails and as an aperitif. The aged varieties are best consumed on their own, pure and simple. White port can range from dry to very sweet.

Cocktail recipe suggestions

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White Port & Tonic: one part white port to two parts tonic. Add mint and/or lemon to garnish and top with a splash of rum or flavour with ginger/fruit syrup.

Maria McClaire: a bit of a stronger one; Fonseca Siroco White Port is recommended. One part Campari to two parts white port to three parts Irish whiskey, with a couple dashes of bitters, stirred well with ice and garnish with orange peel.

Pisco Punch: ok, so pisco is the basis of this cocktail but the white port plays an imPORTant part. 300ml pisco, 120ml Combier Triple Sec, 120ml white port, 180ml pineapple syrup/juice, 180ml fresh lemon juice, ½ bottle dry sparkling wine. Garnish with lemon and orange slices, pineapple wedges, edible flowers and a couple of dashes grated nutmeg.

Where to order white port in Melbourne   

Eau De Vie has a white port cocktail jug, 'Any Port In A Storm', consisting of genever, white port, ginger and mint stem syrup, Amaro Montenegro and citrus, served with an assortment of fruits and edible flowers. $40.

Pope Joan serves a white port and tonic mini cocktail, garnished with an orange slice. $8.

Nieuw Amsterdam's menu features a Dalva white port, from Rua Felizardo de Lima, Portugal. Get 60ml of this bad boy for $9.50.