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Weapons Of Choice: Christian Vance

11 February 2016 | 8:38 am | Artist Submission

DJ Name: Christian Vance

Artist: Moodymann
Title: Dem Young Sconies
Record Label/Year of release: Planet E, 1997
Why do you like this release? It's Moodymann. We had just finished high school and were hammering this record. Serious edge and groove outta Detroit!

Artist: Mood II Swing
Title: Move Me 
Record Label/Year of release: Music For Your Ears, 1995
Why do you like this release? Deep as dub hypnotic house Music. Stripped back workout for the purists. Serious dance floor drama for the witching hour.  

Artist: Aril Brikha
Title: Groove La' Chord
Record Label/Year of release: Fragile Records (Transmat), 1998
Why do you like this release? The title says it all! We played Honkytonks together, now share a studio in Berlin. Special Melbourne history for me.

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When and where for your next gig? Piknic Électronik Melbourne on Sunday, 14 February. Outdoors at the Paddock, Federation Square. Nothing compares to the beautiful Aussie Summer.

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