WAM Festival Artist Profile: Tomas Ford

4 November 2015 | 10:37 am | Artist Submission

'Highlights included watching Abbe May squirm as I made up a good quarter of the words to Sex Tourettes."

Short description of your band and music: Fringe festival fresh, lunatic, audience-baiting, alternative cabaret. I play electronic music, project kickass visuals and run around audiences starting trouble. And when I'm not doing that, I DJ purposefully crap music to delighted drunks.

Best WAM-related story? I realised as I started to sing last years opening medley that most of the people whose songs I was covering were there. Highlights included watching Abbe May squirm as I made up a good quarter of the words to Sex Tourettes and Joel Quartermain awkwardly complimenting me afterwards on my bush doof-fresh rave version of Black Fingernails, Red Wine. Destroying minds is fun.

What do you think separates the WA music scene apart from the rest of the country? We're better than them. It's a small market that's separate from the east coast touring circuit, so it's possible to build a following here without constantly competing with a bunch of overhyped flavour-of-the-month hacks.

What WA bands are you vibing on right and why? I listen to a lot of Perth music when I'm homesick. Our Man In Berlin, Hideous Sun Demon, Leafy Suburbs, Benny Mayhem, Owen Rabbit, Kučka, The Brow, Diger Rokwell, Mathas, Chris Cobilis, Lilt, Naik... This is some of the best shit in the world.

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Why should people come and see you from amongst the many cool bands at WAM? Well, it's the awards, and I will be turning them into as much of an anarchic party as I can. I'll also be doing another opening medley of WA covers. I won't tell you all of them, but I will definitely be crushing songs from The Panics, Birds Of Tokyo, Little Birdy and Timothy Nelson into fucked up new shapes.

What's on the horizon for you? I'm touring Australia for the rest of the year with my live gigs and Crap Music Rave Parties, before I jet off to South East Asia in January to film a web series and record an album based around my spy thriller show The Final Chase. Then I'm off to New Zealand and the UK for more touring. My career is an unlikely form of world domination but it seems to be slowly working. Mwahaha etc.

WAM Festival performance: Hosting and Performing at the WA Music Awards, Jack Rabbit Slim's, Thu 5 Nov