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VIDEO PREMIERE: Yen Strange - 'Intro' (Mallrat Cover)

14 December 2021 | 9:39 am | Staff Writer

"Mallrat has guided me through growing up."

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Sydney-via-Moruya local Yen Strange has today revealed a cover of Mallrat's Intro alongside a new music video, which is premiering via The Music

Intro originally appeared on Mallrat's critically acclaimed 2019 EP, Driving Music. 

Strange takes the track deeply into her distinct sonic territory, transforming the original's emotive elements and angst to a shimmering, extended personal note.

On choosing to cover Intro, she stated: "Mallrat has guided me through growing up in some kind of way I think. Her voice is so comforting and her music is always so to the point but also playful and melancholy.

"Driving Music came out a while ago now but I still listen to it all the time. In the car, in my room, it settles me but also puts me in a pretty emotional state.

"When it first came out I liked the songs and could relate to some of them, but in recent times I’ve really been able to relate to Intro and Drive Me Round a lot more. I had similar experiences that were super special to me, and when I heard Intro after the fact, it felt like hearing my memories told back to me.

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"I wanted the song to keep going and tell me more about the mysterious relationship that revolved around driving and listening to music. I wanted to add my own words too. So I just started playing with the chords and when I got to the singing I just kind of kept going and made it a much longer song.

"I was so stoked when Mallrat told me she liked what I’d done with it. I will still always love that opening track as is, I just really enjoyed giving it a parallel universe."