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VIDEO PREMIERE: Wolf & Chain Break New Barriers On 'Phantom'

16 August 2023 | 1:22 pm | Mary Varvaris
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The 'Phantom' music video allowed Wolf & Chain to pay tribute to one of their favourite film genres: horror.

Wolf & Chain

Wolf & Chain (Source: Supplied)

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Tomorrow, Adelaide rock outfit Wolf & Chain (not to be confused with Wolf & Cub) are releasing the music video to accompany their new single, Phantom, and today, Kill Your Stereo is hosting an exclusive premiere for the dramatic clip.

A poppy, Panic! At The Disco-esque theatrical rock tune infused with elements of metalcore, Wolf & Chain dial the haunting aesthetic up to eleven.

“The video was inspired by the experiences we had writing the song. We went out in the middle of nowhere to a farm to write, and while we were there, we experienced a bunch of strange events and felt a haunting presence,” vocalist Jack Cumes told Kill Your Stereo. “We were all going through a lot of changes personally, and I think we all felt haunted by our own personal turmoils.”

Cumes added, “The song reflected that and helped us channel some of those inner demons, as does the video. We are all big horror fans, so the video was a really fun way for us to pay tribute to that. We were inspired by paranormal investigation and found footage of horror movies.”

Below is the music video, directed by Ten Of Swords Media’s Colin Jeffs.

“Colin Jeffs was super fun to work with and a really creative guy,” Cumes said about the video that finds the band in a haunted mansion.

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The eerie location and unsettling vibe could have been intimidating to work with, but with Jeffs, Cumes and his bandmates felt safe. “He [Colin Jeffs] had lots of amazing ideas and really inspired us on set,” the singer said in a statement.

The new single from Wolf & Chain has received airplay from triple j and triple j Unearthed, with Cumes recalling the idea behind Phantom, “The concept kind of started as a joke. We always poked fun at horror tropes about being isolated on a farm or something like that, seeing or hearing creepy things, or becoming possessed with ideas and going mad in isolation.

“We watched a bunch of horror movies together as well during that writing/recording process. As fate would have it, life imitates art, and we all fell sick and felt a dark energy during our stay. The video is our way of paying respect to that experience for us in a sense.”

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