VIDEO PREMIERE: Torizon - 'Damaged'

24 August 2023 | 3:31 pm | Mary Varvaris
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'Damaged' lands on streaming services tomorrow (25 August). Read on to learn how vocalist Mish Sharma plans to represent Indian women in heavy music.


Torizon (Source: Supplied)

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Introducing Brisbane alt-metal trio Torizon, who have dropped the music video for their outstanding new single, Damaged.

Today, Kill Your Stereo exclusively premieres the music video filmed and edited by Emerge Creative and the production design provided by Emma Mallory. Damaged lands on streaming services tomorrow (25 August).

As you’ll likely hear from Damaged’s opening chords, Torizon have found inspiration in the epic nature of Evanescence, the pop-meets-rock melodies of Tonight Alive, and Bad Omens’ modern twists on metalcore.

Torizon began as a project led by vocalist Mish Sharma after she migrated to Australia from India.

Sharma explains that the band exists as a therapeutic form of musical expression. “Music was my therapy through a traumatic childhood,” she says. “I immigrated from India with the sole vision of writing and performing original music.

“Music gave us all an identity in our individual adolescent lives and an outlet to express ourselves creatively. There aren't many Indian women in heavy music, and I'm honoured to represent them through my music. I'm living the dream that my 10-year-old self had.”

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In the video, Sharma, guitarist Luke Kleinschmidt and drummer Jordan Miller take over a purple and blue-lit room, with an actress stomping on photo frames, smashing the glass, and taking pillows apart as Torizon plays their cathartic banger.

The trio are all stars in their own right, making the kind of epic, powerful single rock and metal fans love to hear. It’s an all-encompassing three minutes of aggressive guitars, commanding vocals and double kicks. You can watch the music video below.

Damaged is written about narcissistic abuse from the perspective of the victim calling the abuser out,” Sharma revealed in a statement. “Statistically, the likelihood of adults with childhood trauma ending up in dysfunctional and abusive relationships is very high.

“As someone with complex PTSD (treated), I found myself in multiple abusive relationships. With the help of a great mental health care team, all my connections now are safe and supportive. The song was written from the perspective of someone who has broken the cycle and can now see the signs of NPD and narcissistic abuse.”

On the music video, Sharma praised the work of Mallory, adding, “Emma came up with the concept of the actress frantically searching through her ex-partner's home. The heart depicts her power, which she takes back at the end of the video. We had to shoot with the feathers twice, meaning we had to clean the entire studio twice. All of us still find random feathers in our homes. I also had to sing with the feathers raining on me – I swallowed many of them, haha.”

If you want to see Torizon live, the trio are opening for Orpheus Omega and Triple Kill in September. Tickets are available via the band’s website.