VIDEO PREMIERE: Teenage Dads - 'Adrenaline Rush'

1 April 2020 | 10:53 am | Staff Writer

"We couldn't stop laughing after each take because of how ridiculous we looked."

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Today The Music is chuffed to get to premiere Teenage Dads' new video for Adrenaline Rush before its official release tomorrow.

The Melbourne outfit have drawn some eclectic comparisons since forming in 2017 - from King Gizz to Rolling Blackouts CF - but Adrenaline Rush is them at peak Beach Boys. Even outside of the bouncy keys and boppy melody, the clip's retro setting and matching outfits lowkey recall Brian Wilson and co running around a fire station in Good Vibrations.

Amazingly it was filmed at Melbourne City Baths in just three hours, and drummer Vincent Kinna tells The Music that it was one of their most ambitious efforts to date.

"The music video for Adrenaline Rush was the biggest project we have done so far. A lot more time, money and effort compared to everything else we have done," they said.

"We always try and do it as cheap as possible but this time 'round we knew we would have to spend some cash in order to bring our idea to fruition.

"Angus saw the new film JoJo Rabbit and was inspired by its vintage aesthetic. We all agreed that trying to replicate an early to mid-1900s era would complement Adrenaline Rush."

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To catch that feeling and time the guys even made their own matching swimsuits, a detail that somehow makes the footage of them performing synchronised swimming with pool noodle props even more enjoyable.

"We started researching the types of materials and styles of swimwear that people wore in that era and began making the costumes all by ourselves.

"I started to look all around VIC for the right location. We needed something private enough to shoot there but something that was spacious and looked the part. I eventually found Melbourne City Baths and it was stunning but I instantly knew we wouldn't be able to afford it. After having no luck anywhere else, I bit the bullet and inquired.

"We could only afford to shoot for three hours including set-up and pack down so we were under the pump the whole time, rushing to squeeze in all the shots. We didn't really get much time to have any fun, plus the location is heritage listed so we didn't want to risk damaging anything.

"Although, in the lead-up to the video, we had to practice our sync swimming routine. We rehearsed in our studio and filmed it so we could watch it back. We couldn't stop laughing after each take because of how ridiculous we looked."