VIDEO PREMIERE: Noah Skape - 'Embrace Me'

18 August 2023 | 10:14 am | Mary Varvaris
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Embrace Me is a "power ballad about being powerless" by Perth punk music legend Noah Skape.

Noah Skape

Noah Skape (Credit: Dan Macbride Photography)

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Noah Skape is entering a fascinating new musical era with Embrace Me, a two-and-a-fifty-second explosion of pounding drums, charismatic baritone vocals, and chunky guitars making for an ominous atmosphere.

Theatrical and heavy, the music video – featuring Skape’s interpretive dance – perfectly aligns with the gothic rock music. Kill Your Stereo proudly premieres the music video today.

According to Skape, Embrace Me is a “power ballad about being powerless,” he explained in a statement. “Each instrument has its specific and deliberate place in the composition to resemble the way one's body reacts to a panic attack - the industrial, wailing guitars represent the prickling feeling of skin, the clanging piano is the disjointed, intrusive thoughts, and so on...”

You can watch the entrancing music video below.

Previously known as the energetic vocalist for Perth, Western Australia theatrical punk band FAIM, Skape takes that energy to the next level on Embrace Me as he journeys through the darkness. Pulling from influences as diverse as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Amanda Palmer, Danny Elfman, Against Me! and Bad Religion, Skape gives theatrical punk a good name.

Skape continued, “The music of a concert orchestra is so moving. It can manipulate your emotions and feelings just as intensely as any drug can. The same goes for fast, aggressive guitars and drums - when those two things come together, they unleash an emotional force inside me like nothing else.”

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On the music video filmed by Ben McCullough in an abandoned Perth cinema, Skape added, “I noticed that the red lighting and the expansive abandoned warehouse/belfry set was very reminiscent of some scenes in 2022's The Batman, so we decided to lean into it.”

With FAIM, Skape was nominated for the 2013 WAM Award for Best Punk/Hardcore Group, and with his solo work, he received a nomination for the 2023 Song Of The Year for Real World, released in September 2022.

With producer Michael Strong, Skape made Embrace Me at You’re Weird Studios, allowing for the symphonic direction and expressive heaviness to meet that “weird” and even hardcore descriptors. You can check out the music video below, exclusively premiering with Kill Your Stereo.