VIDEO PREMIERE: Jebediah - 'Motivation'

13 February 2024 | 11:22 am | Mary Varvaris

'Motivation' follows the dreamy single 'Rubberman'. Both tracks are from Jebediah’s upcoming album, 'Oiks', their first album since 2011’s 'Kosciuszko'.


Jebediah (Credit: Taj O'Halloran)

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We’re just under two months from Jebediah releasing their first album in over a decade, Oiks, and today, The Music is sharing the video premiere for their latest single, Motivation.

Starring the WA rock favourites jamming in a massive warehouse, Motivation is an old-fashioned music video with modern twists, namely the video quality and slo-mo effects, particularly in the chorus.

Band members shoot hoops and jam in their newest essential music video. As for the song itself? Motivation is classic Jebediah, with Kevin Mitchell unleashing raspy vocals, bassist Vanessa Thornton providing epic grooves, guitarist Chris Daymond playing basketball and the guitar, and Brett Mitchell pounding the drums. You can watch the Motivation music video below.

Motivation is a rocker and follows the dreamy single Rubberman. Both tracks are from Jebediah’s upcoming album, Oiks, their first album since 2011’s Kosciuszko.

Oiks will be released via Cooking Vinyl Australia on Friday, 12 April. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here.

“The video clip is intended to represent the simplicity of the song and the fact that we were trying to capture the raw sound of the band playing in a room together,” the band commented in a press release.

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“The video was shot in Melbourne by Arlo Cook [who filmed the music video for Gum Up The Bearings, their first track in 12 years], who has been following us around with a camera since 2015, taking footage at shows all around Australia. We can’t wait for everyone to hear OIKS soon. It was a labour of love that took us five years to complete, often during extremely turbulent times.”

Motivation has been described as a “band favourite”, with the band explaining: “Motivation was a song that came from the initial in-studio jam sessions that kick-started the process of recording OIKS.

“At that stage, we didn’t really know what kind of album we were trying to make. We were simply getting together in a room, making noise, and seeing what eventuated. Given that Motivation came from these sessions, it’s a very “band” sounding song, as opposed to some of the more experimental stuff that came along later during the recording process. 

“It captures the sound of the band playing in a room together, and we tried not to embellish it too much. This song is a bit of a band favourite for sure, so we are obviously excited about it being released as a single before the album appears.”

In September, Jebediah were inducted into the WAM Hall of Fame.