VIDEO PREMIERE: Diana Anaid - 'Leaving Town'

19 October 2018 | 2:20 pm | Staff Writer

"I love this collaboration between myself and Kerry, the final result is something I am thoroughly proud of."

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Diana Anaid's latest album, My Queen, dropped late last year and today she premieres the brand new clip for the single Leaving Town with

The clip is a very labour intensive, but highly effective, hand drawn stop motion animation by artist Kerry Negus.

"The drawings were done and then changed to make the next still," explains Negus. 

"Some drawings were reworked to make the movements - I left the rub out marks as they are like our shadows or the essence of what we leave behind."

"The whole concept of the animation really drew me in when I connected it to the song," adds Anaid. "There were some powerful correlations, beginning with the opening moments, where the girl dives into her inner wisdom, and through to the end where she is a wise, integral, connected old woman.

"Leaving Town also relates to finding ones inner strength and connecting to something deeper, walking your own path and making a positive difference. The whole animation seems to throb and sway naturally with the beat of the song."

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Anaid is heading out on tour from Sunday 28 October, get out theGuide below for all the dates and ticket info.