VIDEO PREMIERE: Babalon - 'Scream' (Feat. RuCL)

5 November 2020 | 12:13 pm | Neil Griffiths

"It is like we are in some Soviet-era noir film."

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Aussie songwriter Babalon is sharing her latest music video for the single Scream which is premiering on today!

Lifted from her October-released debut album, Draconis, the Melbourne-based goth-pop artist told The Music that the clip leans on the architectural style of brutalism.

"Brutalism is an architectural style featuring bold, structurally innovative forms that use raw concrete as their primary material. Using brutalist archival footage, animations and photography, we created a European art-house, retro, sci-fi video," Babalon said,

"It is like we are in some Soviet-era noir film. Overall the film is influenced by Bladerunner 2049, especially the brutalist buildings shot in Budapest."

To check out more of Babalon's music, including Draconis, hit the links below.

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