VIDEO PREMIERE: Alter Boy - 'Life Finds A Way'

2 April 2024 | 11:41 am | Mary Varvaris

Alter Boy's poignant new clip highlights the importance of Auslan in their music.

Alter Boy

Alter Boy (Source: Supplied)

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Perth indie/electro-pop band Alter Boy are releasing their new single, Life Finds A Way, this week, with the music video exclusively premiering on The Music today.

Filmed at Brisbane’s Powerhouse, Alter Boy's poignant new clip highlights the importance of Auslan in their music. The band gives a shout-out to new member Luke Eastman (aka NRG), interpreter and performer, for his work on the video.

As for the song itself, singer Molly Priest channels Lady Gaga’s vocals on classics like Born This Way and Bad Romance with her powerful, dexterous singing. She’s accompanied by Eastman interpreting the lyrics in Auslan and an ultra-catchy beat, while the music video finds Alter Boy bathed in warm lighting.

On the band’s new single, Priest commented in a press release, “Life Finds A Way speaks to the evaporating age of men taking credit for a woman’s work.

Chien-Shiung Wu, Sophia Tolstoya, Elsa Einstein, Willie Mae Thornton - all women throughout history who have stood behind great men, carrying out the tactical and emotional labour which allowed these men to embellish themselves in solitude. These women are now being recognised for their labours and located within the works of legendary artists and scholars.”

On the music video, Alter Boy added, “We hope that Luke’s ability to embody the music and showcase the dynamics of the song through Auslan, helps to highlight the importance of inclusivity in the arts, and we hope that it might inspire other artists to celebrate accessibility as an enhancement.”

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You can watch the Life Finds A Way music video below.

To celebrate the release of their new single, Alter Boy will perform a one-off show at Perth’s Lyric’s Underground on Friday, 26 April. You can find tickets here.

In The Music’s feature, Celebrating the Impacts of Aus Artists Igniting Queer Pride, Part Two, writer Twistie Chaney wrote about Alter Boy, “With Auslan flourishing as an integral heart of their artistry, performance and storytelling, Alter Boy are trailblazing a crucial perspective of inclusivity throughout the Australian scene, advocating that music can and should be a place where all can belong.”