UNI/VS talk to us about their new single 'Saboteur'

22 April 2022 | 8:00 am | Lili Jean Berry
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"Saboteur was inspired through observation of a flawed part of the human condition - the desire to consciously and subconsciously self sabotage our lives when things become uncomfortable or foreign. Even when the change or situation is beneficial we sometimes seem to look for an out from responsibility, stress or power. It’s only when we hit rock bottom we seem to feel grounded."

Watch Lili go in depth with Michael Ryan of UNI/VS on their powerful & catchy new single 'Sabotuer'. Their first release since 2020. We also discuss the details of how the video was made including a haunted house. Michael also gives a clue as to what else UNI/VS will be up to in 2022!

Watch the full interview here:

Keep your eyes peeled on what else UNI/VS will achieve in 2022 & watch the video for 'Sabotuer' here:

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