UNFUN FEATURE: Hightime - Top 5 90's TV shows

2 November 2015 | 11:20 am | Staff Writer
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In the lead-up to UnFun, Hightime provide their Top 5 90's TV shows list.

UnFun returns in 2015. Taking place in Sydney, the boutique festival again features a host of local artists, with the event stretched across two stages.

Taking a decisively 90’s theme, over the weeks leading up to the festival, Killyourstereo.com will run a series of ‘Top 5′ features with respective bands on the bill. This week, Hightime provide their 'Top 5 90's TV shows' list.


1. Captain Planet - Four hippies and a blue dude kicking the ass of people trying to destroy the environment, plus bonus tips on how we can do our part; whats not to love?!

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2. Biker Mice From Mars - Three badass mice on motorcycles at war with a whole bunch of super-cats, now that's entertainment!

3. Pinky & The Brain - I don't know what the 90's obsession with mice is all about, but I got no complaints! An incredibly smart dude with a major plan to take over the world accompanied by a foolish legend who has no idea whats going on, pure genius.

4. Doug - Lets face it, Dough & Skeeter were the best bff combination to come out of a cartoon. Doug wanted to be a superhero called Quailman; yet unfortunately he was only living it through a journal he wrote, never give up kids!

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Will Smith in his prime; rocking mad fashion, throwing out sick one-liners and always up to no good. I'd chuck this on daily and gain some tips on how to be quick witted.

Catch Hightime performing at UnFun, which takes place this November in Sydney. You can purchase tickets via The Factory Theatre.

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