UNFUN FEATURE: Columbus - Top 5 90's bands

16 November 2015 | 9:31 am | Staff Writer
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UnFun artist Columbus offer their 'Top 5 90's bands' list.

UnFun returns in 2015. Taking place in Sydney, the boutique festival again features a host of local artists, with the event stretched across two stages.

Taking a decisively 90’s theme, over the weeks leading up to the festival, Killyourstereo.com will run a series of ‘Top 5′ features with respective bands on the bill. This week, Columbus provide their ‘Top 5 90’s bands’ list.


Weezer -

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If I were forced to listen to only one album for the rest of my life, I’d choose Weezer’s Blue Album in a heartbeat. Whilst Weezer have since taken a rapid fall from grace by releasing torrid piles of shit for records over the course of the 2000’s, nothing can take away the fact that The Blue Album and Pinkerton slay absolutely anything coming out of the same time period (in my humble, unbiased opinion). Saves The Day might be my favourite band of all time, but these guys come in at an incredibly tight second. I could keep writing, but I’m afraid I could go on for days about how much I love these guys.

Saves The Day -

Whilst the majority of their catalogue (including my favourite record, In Reverie) was released in the early 2000’s, Saves The Day qualify for this list on the virtue of their debut LP Through Being Cool being released in late 1999. I may be slightly biased in including these guys, as they are probably my favourite band of all time. In my defence, however, they were technically formed some six years before the turn of the millennium. In critiquing the music itself, I’m honestly at a loss as to how these guys weren’t one of the biggest bands in the world. If I had to pick one certified banger off Through Being Cool to check out, I’d definitely recommend ‘Shoulder To The Wheel’. Definitely don’t stop there though; their whole discography is chock-full of certified hits.

The Offspring -

Providing some of the earliest musical memories of my childhood, The Offspring were a sure-fire pick for this list. Much in the vein of Nirvana, there probably isn’t much to say you don’t already know. These guys were one of the few bands responsible for reviving punk in the 90’s, releasing a string of top-notch albums in that time. Americana is a banger. Smash is a banger. Conspiracy of One is a banger. Everything’s a fucking banger.

Sublime -

Forever inspiring the questionable life choices of your local university’s hippy movement (it’s called collective anarchism, bro!), Sublime are also one hell of a punk band. Their self-titled album is an absolute masterpiece, with 40oz. & Robbin’ the Hood also being pretty damn good too. My pick for the best Ska-punk band of all time, you know they’re good when friends who normally detest Ska think they’re the absolute shit.

Nirvana -

I think it’s fair to say no ‘Top 90’s Band’ list would be complete without an appearance from these guys. Generally considered the best band to emerge from this musical era (Billy Corgan would of course, like a word), there’s not much to say you don’t already know. Their entire catalogue preceding Kurt’s death was genre-defining.

Catch Columbus performing at UnFun, which takes place this November in Sydney. You can purchase tickets via The Factory Theatre.

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