Dream Movie Soundtracks & More: Sneak Peek Behind The Triffid's 2022 AOTY Nominees

8 November 2022 | 2:41 pm | Staff Writer

Ahead of the Triffid's Qld Album of the Year celebrations on November 17, Hatchie, Jaguar Jonze and Eliza & The Delusionals tell us a little bit more about themselves and their nominated albums...

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What artist/musician, dead or alive, would you want to camp at Splendour with? 

Hatchie: I think Charli XCX would be the best person to force me to party through my hangover on day three.

Jaguar Jonze: Jeff Buckley.

Eliza & The Delusionals: To be honest, the first person I thought of was Jack Black. I feel like if you’re going to be in a gross wet tent surrounded by mud, Jack Black would be an entertaining person to be in that situation with.

What TV show/movie do you think your album could be the soundtrack for?

Hatchie: Everyone always tells me they think my music could soundtrack a 90s coming-of-age movie like 10 Things I Hate About You.

Jaguar Jonze: Ooooooohhh... I'd love to soundtrack any Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino movies but look, to be honest, I'd be stoked if I got to soundtrack a trashy reality TV show like Love is Blind or Bling Empire. My guilty pleasure. 

Eliza & The Delusionals: Maybe 10 Things I Hate About You, or a movie from that era. We were really heavily inspired by 90s/early 2000s movies and soundtracks when we were writing the album and putting the track list together! 

What kind of Arnott's biscuit do you think you'd be and why? 

Hatchie: Monte Carlo, the underdog of Arnott's family packs.

Jaguar Jonze: I had to google what Arnott's Biscuits are because I was raised on cute Japanese snacks. So I'm going to be a rebel and say I'm 100% an almond-crusted, chocolate-dipped box of Pocky.

Eliza & The Delusionals: Probably a Monte Carlo or a Kingston because they're really tasty, and I like to think we're tasteful.

Describe your album in 3 words. 

Hatchie: Ten outta ten.

Jaguar Jonze: Cinematic, anthemic, vulnerable.

Eliza & The Delusionals: Nostalgic, honest and emotional.

Choose one track on the album that you have an extra soft spot for, and why? 

Hatchie: Twin. The day we wrote it was a really sweet ending to a huge week of writing that I wasn't expecting to have enough energy for. I think it's a breath of fresh air on the otherwise melodramatic, rather melancholic record.

Jaguar Jonze: NOT YOURS. It's a body of work track, but it is a song I wrote after my sexual assault and then abandoned in my demo folder for years until I started working on the Bunny Mode album. When I listen back, it always rips my guts out as I remember what I went through and what I overcame, and stand really proud of myself and other survivors.

Eliza & The Delusionals: For me, it’s definitely Halloween. It’s probably my favourite track on the record. Kurt had the idea in his voice memos from years ago, and he wasn’t planning to use it for anything until I convinced him to work on a demo. I’m really glad we worked on it together because I think it’s a really special song and so much fun to play live as well.

If you could time travel to any point in music history, when and where would you go? 

Hatchie: Probably New York in the 70s.

Jaguar Jonze:  I'd probably go to the early 90s to watch bands like Portishead, Garbage, Hole, The Cranberries, Spice Girls and Destiny's Child with my adult brain and eyes. 

Eliza & The Delusionals: Probably to some point in the 90s. It would have been insane to see bands like Nirvana or Soundgarden in their prime. It feels like so many iconic moments in music happened, and so many bands were at the height of their careers that we are heavily influenced by right now.

What's the first CD, vinyl or cassette you ever bought? 

Hatchie: I think I bought the CD single of Amerie's Thing. It still goes off.

Jaguar Jonze:  Gulp, I remember begging to get Britney Spears' Stronger single on cassette tape from Crazy Clarks dollar store. Do you remember when Crazy Clarks existed? 

Eliza & The Delusionals:  I think it was Let Go by Avril Lavigne. That record still holds up, in my opinion!

What's been your most memorable gig/performance as a band/artist?

Hatchie: Primavera Sound! It was the most picturesque location and a huge crowd I wasn't expecting. We played right before sunset, and it was unlike any other festival I've played or been to before or since.

Jaguar Jonze:  This year, I performed LITTLE FIRES on national TV for Eurovision: Australia Decides in a burning fire dress. It was so emotional, and when the song ended, I looked out to a standing ovation of thousands of people cheering and crying with me. It lasted so long that the TV producers had no choice but to let that applause ring out over time and hold back the MCs. I felt like I had the whole nation as allies after everything I had been pushing with for the #metoo movement. I will never forget that moment. 

Eliza & The Delusionals: One of our fondest memories as a band was playing at The Wiltern Theatre in LA in 2020, opening for Silversun Pickups. It was such an iconic venue, and the crowd had such high energy. More recently, our album tour show in Brisbane at The Zoo is one I think we all hold close to our hearts; it was a really special show for us. 

The Triffid's Album of The Year Awards Party kicks off on the 17th of November. You can RSVP here. Voting for Album of The Year is still open, so get your vote in here