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Track By Track: The Money War On Their Shimmering New EP, 'Blood'

5 November 2021 | 1:38 pm | The Money War

With their brand new EP 'Blood' out in the world today, Dylan and Carmen Ollivierre of The Money war take us through the five-track release and tell us all about the newest tunes.

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The EP is a collection of songs that bookmark 2021 for us. We’re always writing, but these were the 5 songs that rose to the top and we felt that we needed to record. The EP was recorded at our studio and produced and mixed by Dylan. 


Blood is written about the complexity of family relationships and blood lines, and delves into the nature vs nurture debate. The character in the song has a very tricky relationship with their parents and they’re reflecting on whether they will become like them or learn from them.  

Lost In The Rhythm

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I think of this song as what would emerge if a slacker was to attempt to make a dance song. It’s an introverted person trying to break out of their shell and outwardly express their anxiety. It’s bright sounding but the lyrics are quite dark, with the character letting go and residing to the fact that they are lost in the rhythm of life.

Man At The Station

This is a song that I’ve always thought about but had never articulated before. It’s about that moment late at night when you’re on the train home and experiencing all the characters that are out. I’ve always felt this instant sobering effect, like everyone all of a sudden had to face up to all of their problems. There’s also something I find quite romantic about this experience. The train ride from Perth city down to where we live is a short movie length. By the time I get off at our stop I feel like I’ve shared a moment with a whole bunch of strangers.


Zoom is about a long distance relationship that was brought on by the pandemic. It’s about being completely vulnerable to this person and being unsure about when you’ll be able to be together.

Miles Away

Miles Away is about being disconnected from somebody that you love - in more of an emotional way than the literal sense. It’s about that disheartening feeling you have when somebody close to you doesn’t seem to be on the same page or can’t understand your perspective on things

Check out the full stream for Blood below: