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Thy Art Is Murder Tour Diary: Part Two

25 September 2013 | 2:30 pm | Thy Art Is Murder

What is it about Melbourne and early morning benders?

So after another stupidly early alarm ruined my life on Monday morning in Perth we were off to the airport to fly out to Adelaide.

We flew in around 10:30, picked up our van, booked a hotel, ate the biggest schnitzel of my life and had some down time watching ancient Egypt programs and playing FIFA, it was nice to just do nothing and relax for a night.

As we weren't playing the Tuesday night show, we headed in to check it out and have a beer, luckily we caught a few songs of Northlane and witnessed Parkway Drive destroy yet another stage. We then we met up with the rest of our crew that had just driven 26 hours from Brisbane at a bar under the hotel and drank until the early hours of the morning, not a bad night.

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Put your hands where I can see them!

At about 2pm on Wednesday we arrived at the Gov, said a quick hello then went about organising our merch, eating a counter meal and setting up our equipment. The opening act was Adelaide's Cruel Intentions who were badass, they closed the set with a wall of death and it was an awesome way to start off the night.

We then proceeded to smash out our set which was really fun, the crowd was great and we didn't play too bad. Then it was Parkway 'o' clock and yet again it was chaos. The guys had switched up the set list a little and played one of my favourites It's Hard To Speak Without A Toungue, which was cool.

Thursday was the show at the Gov, around 2, only this time with Confession. It was another great show and at about midnight we all jumped in our vans and headed for Melbourne.

We arrived in Melbourne at around 8:30am, caught a few hours sleep then headed to the Palace for load in. Outsiders Code opened up the show. It was the first time I had seen them play and they were sick.

So... can we wear these on-stage?

At 9:20pm we walked out on stage to a sold out crowd, it was a little nerve racking. We played our 7 songs and banged our heads a little bit then we cleared the stage for Parkway. We all watched the show from side of stage and it was definitely the highlight of the tour so far, the crowd was crazy and the sing-alongs were deafening. We then turned in a for an early night and tried to get some well needed rest.

Now it was time for the all ages gig and Confession would be starting it off. Lee, Fez and myself made guest appearances on stage for That's Not The Goose, which was pretty funny. We then took to the stage and from the get go the crowd participation was a lot better then the over 18's Melbourne crowd. We had great fun and I can honestly say it was the best show of the tour.

After the show we headed out for a drink and wrapped it up at about 8:30am back at a friend's house - it happens sometimes but usually in Melbourne for some reason.

Chillin' like villains...

Up next is Sydney, BE THERE!!!