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Thy Art Is Murder Tour Diary: Part Three

1 October 2013 | 2:49 pm | Thy Art Is Murder

The guys from Thy Art Is Murder finish up their tour with warm beers and high-fives.

Although it was nice to have a few days at home after driving through the night from Melbourne, we were all hanging out to play the Sydney show and get back into it.

I was picked up by Lee on Wednesday morning and headed to North Sydney for some press stuff then we were off to our new found favourite eatery Mr Crackles on Oxford St where we got our hands on some roast pork action and high-fived each other repeatedly.

Some serious high-fiving is about to go down...

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We arrived at the Roundhouse around 4pm, loaded in, had a few warm beers that were left over from the night before and started to prepare ourselves for the show to come. 

We took the stage first to a very decent crowd, it was some what of a home town show for us so we were feeling the love. Someone was holding up an Australian flag with "Thy Art, the pride of Western Sydney" written on it, which pretty bloody awesome. 

Up next was Confession who brought the heavy yet again. By the time Parkway started, we were all a little tipsy and having a good old time. We watched the set from the balcony behind the stage, and as always the place erupted. Another great night of the tour. Next stop, Newcastle.

We got into Newcastle in the afternoon, threw a bit of a bandroom dance party and pumped up for the show. It was another sold out crowd and as always Newcastle were quite rowdy. We played a good set as did all the bands, we then continued to drink and eventually turned in for the night.

Now we were Brisbane bound, playing a little show at Port Macquarie on the way through. We pulled into Brisbane at around 4:00 am and I had never been happier to lay down in my life. 

You boys better be playing some GTAV otherwise serious street-cred will be lost.

After a day off of running around Brisbane and bit of a big night at Crowbar we were ready to play the last few shows of the tour, such a shame it is all coming to an end, but what better way to finish it up then at the almighty Tivoli.

Survival started off the night and delivered a great set, once again solidifying the fact that Byron bands just seem to do it better then everyone else.

Now it was our turn, yet another sold out show and for once I was actually a little nervous. We started off the set and had a great show, the crowd was cool and since Brisbane is also a bit of a hometown to us we couldn't have been happier to have the opportunity to play such an awesome venue with such awesome bands. 

Tonight is the last show of the tour, it's been great fun and I know I've said it before but we couldn't be more grateful for being apart of this tour, hopefully we have won over a few fans on this run and fingers crossed we will have another chance to share the stage with Parkway Drive. Thanks to everyone that checked us out and keep an eye out for the next time we are coming through your city.

Written by Sean Delander