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The Wonderful World Of Film Festivals

14 October 2015 | 12:28 pm | Staff Writer

SciFi Film Festival

Answered by: Tom Papas, Festival Director

What kinds of films are on your program? The second SciFi Film Festival's international, diverse and exciting program include the premieres of Arrowhead (Australia) and Dual City (Japan), as well as over 60 sci-fi and fantasy feature films, short films and animation. Legendary actors Zachary Quinto (Dr Spock in Star Trek) and Billy Boyd (Pippin in Lord Of The Rings) also hit the short film screens.

What is your pick of the festival and why? A short film called Clones, featuring Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) as a doctor who wants to copy the brain of a dying scientist into the scientist's clone. Could anything go wrong?

What makes your festival stand out from other film festivals? SciFi Film Festival returns this Halloween, with an even bigger and better bag of the latest fantastic sci-fi and fantasy genre films from Australia and around the world. Catch the mixed bag goodies in our 2015 program from low-budget gems and top shlocks with great ideas, to spectacular animation, special effects and a variety of exciting and independent films. Not to mention a bunch of Australian and world premieres, some even including stars from all over the spectrum.

Besides films, what else does the festival offer? The festival will also be hosting a SciFi Con exhibiting comics, cosplay, illustrators, artists and authors, craftspeople, anime, toys, books, collectibles and memorabilia, plus panels and seminars from film industry professionals.

When & where is your festival? 31 Oct, Riverside Theatre

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jewish international film festival

Answered by: Tamar Simons, Festival Manager

What kinds of films are on your program? We are cementing our reputation for delivering stimulating and diverse cinema that engages audiences from within and beyond the Jewish community, with a selection of 60 mesmerising Australian premiere documentaries, features, TV series and shorts. Both a celebration and exploration of this gloriously eclectic culture, the award-winning program showcases works from as far afield as Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Latvia, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA, with a special emphasis on the foremost films to emerge from Israel in the past year.

What is your pick of the festival and why? Fauda! It is the hottest new television series to come out of Israel and I am so excited that we are screening the entire series at JIFF. It's fantastic to be able to offer audiences the experience to binge-watch this brilliant new show, reflecting the current trend of TV being just as valuable as the movies.

What makes your festival stand out from other film festivals? While we might sound like an ethnic or religious film festival, we are actually an incredible window into the Jewish world. We present so many different global Jewish experiences and select high quality films to suit all different audiences.

When & where is your festival? 28 Oct—18 Nov, Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction


4—29 Nov, Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick

iranian film festival

Answered by: Chantel Keogh, Publicist

What kinds of films are on your program? This year's program, featuring 11 features and six short films, will provide cinephiles with the chance to explore the fabric of Iranian identity and discover why it remains the preeminent, most passionately discussed and perhaps most important cinematic movement of the moment.

What is your pick of the festival and why? Safi Yazdanian's What's The Time In Your World? would have to be my pick of the festival due to its curiously constructed story about the exploration of memory, personal history and perceptions of the past.

What makes your festival stand out from other film festivals? The Iranian Film Festival aims to showcase the best and most interesting of contemporary Iranian cinema for both Iranian and non-Iranian audiences. It focuses on films otherwise not available, complementing what is screened at the major Australian international festivals, and includes arthouse and independent work from both well known directors and actors as well as new filmmakers. Iranians are passionate about film and the festival offers a space for discussion and debate about new films.

When & where is your festival? 9 Oct — 2 Nov in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne

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delphi bank 22nd greek film festival

Answered by: Penny Kyprianou, Festival Director

What kinds of films are on your program? A glance through this year's program reveals a mix of films including contemporary dramas, star-studded comedies, documentaries that examine issues plaguing Greece today plus three shorts programs: Greek-Australian, international and a newly added documentary shorts program. This year we also celebrate the films of one Greece's most recognisable actresses, famed '60s bombshell, Aliki Vougiouklaki. Vougiouklaki was considered the 'National Star of Greece', the single most successful Greek actress since the advent of cinema. Five of her most treasured and successful films will screen as part of this year's Festival.

What makes your festival stand out from other film festivals? The new wave of Greek cinema — which emerged in the wake of the country's socioeconomic hardship — continues to strengthen, appearing at major international film festivals across the globe where it has received numerous awards. Young filmmakers with a fresh vision continue to challenge cultural norms, creating a crop of unconventional, creatively daring films that explore contemporary issues with youthful vigour. The Greek Film Festival is dedicated to supporting these filmmakers by giving them the screen time they deserve. Our Festival is also one of the few (and possibly only) foreign language film festivals which includes a dedicated shorts program (the sixth Greek-Australian Short Film Festival), which now includes cash prizes for the top short film.

When & where is your festival? 14 Oct — 1 Nov, Palace Cinema Como