Have You Heard - The Walkers

2 May 2012 | 7:00 am | Staff Writer

Let The Walters introduce themselves.

How did you get together?
Mark Gibbons (harp/vocals): “Being into the same music, we'd all crossed paths both as fans and musicians numerous times.”

Sum up your musical sound in four words.
“1950s rhythm and blues.”

If you could support any band who would it be?
“There's no answer that we'd all be happy to settle on, but I guess one who'd be up there, would be Little Richard! In his prime!”

You're being sent into space and there's only room to bring one album – which would it be?
“Professor Longhair or Little Walter. Don't make me choose.”

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Greatest rock'n'roll moment of your career to date?
“Not sure if it's considered a 'rock'n'roll moment', but just this weekend while in Melbourne with Mojo Webb, we got stuck in the band room at a gig, behind a door that had no handle.”

Why should people come and see your band?
“I guess 'cause we need drinking buddies. We have a ball playing our music and we love to have other people digging it with us.”

The Walters play the Press Club on Wednesday 2 May, The Hideaway Friday 4 May (and the first Friday of every month) and Boundary Hotel, West End on Saturday 5 May (and every Saturday night).