The Music 2018 Writers' Poll: Taylor Marshall

24 December 2018 | 12:30 pm | Taylor Marshall

Here's what The Music's writers rated in 2018...

More Emerson Snowe More Emerson Snowe

Album Of The Year

  1. GUM - The Underdog
  2. DZ Deathrays - Bloody Lovely
  3. MGMT - Little Dark Age
  4. Hideous Sun Demon - FAME, EROTIC, DREAM
  5. Horror My Friend - Home Life
  6. Tiny Little Houses - Idiot Proverbs
  7. West Thebarton - Different Beings Being Different
  8. Skegss - My Own Mess
  9. Jack River - Sugar Mountain
  10. Hockey Dad - Blend Inn

Song Of The Year

  1. POND - Sixteen Days
  2. syrup, go on - Mantaray
  3. CAKES - Public Fish
  4. SIAMESE - Slaughterhouse
  5. Vacations - Telephones

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Artist Of The Year

  1. CAKES
  2. syrup, go on 
  3. VOIID 
  5. Chakra Efendi

International Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. King Krule
  2. Turnover
  3. MGMT

Australian Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. Emerson Snowe 
  2. Kwame
  3. CAKES
  4. These New South Whales
  5. Opahl

Highlight Of The Year

I had seen Emerson Snowe live before, but his set at BIGSOUND 2018 was amazing - During his song 'Sunlight', he kept the band playing as he thanked the crowd and nearly broke down in tears with how ecstatic he was with so many people showing up. And then, perfectly right after his big thank you, he pelted into the final chorus of the track with the crowd - it was the most magical moment that could possibly occur between performer and audience.

Prediction For Next Year

I'm one of the firm believers that Tame Impala drops a single and/or releases an album by August. Even though Kevin's faced an unfortunate setback this year with the California wildfires, there's almost no doubt new material is still in the works.

Additionally I predict that I will buy this supposed album.