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The Avalanches: Breakin’.

8 July 2002 | 12:00 am | Craig Butcher
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Looper Troopers.

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The Avalanches DJ Tour hits the Arena on Saturday.

Fresh out of plaster, the Avalanches’ Darren Seltman called to chat about plans for the band’s follow-up to their world-conquering debut album, Since I Left You, and the upcoming DJ-only shows.

“We wanted to do the full band tour here but because of the leg break it’s not really possible,” he says.

Who’s in the DJ show?

“It’ll be James, Robbie and Dexter, and also a guy from the UK called Butch Cassidy who’s almost a member of the band now. After a couple of shows we did with him in the UK, he was just so perfect. It’s gonna be a real mixture.”

Any new stuff that might be future album material?

“Not really played live, no. Not this time. It’s like we’re still promoting the album even though it came out two and a half years ago. After this tour, then the US and Japan, that’ll be it.”

I guess you’ve gotta remind people that you’re around before you go into hiding and record.


The success of Since I Left You made me damn proud to be an Aussie, how was the reaction over in the UK and US?

“We tried to avoid that whole process just in terms of sanity. It’s obviously really rewarding that it happened because there’s never really been a marketing plan. It was never planned to even release outside of Australia, it’s been incredible.”

The UK press went schizo over you guys; you didn’t get involved in that?

“It’s all just about work for us, it doesn’t really mean that much to be, you know, rock stars. But it was crazy over there, when we toured that was pretty surreal. It was like growing up reading Beach Boys biographies, you know those elements of bizarre situations that you’ll keep with you forever.”

What’ve you been up to in your time off?

“The only other thing we’ve sorta been into is we did our own web site. There’s been mixed reactions,” he laughs. “I guess it’s in keeping with the way we like to work, it’s probably not the most conventional looking thing but we’re really proud of it.”

Now I’ve gotta see it. What’s the address?

“It’s - it’s ridiculous.”

Any ideas floating around for the new album?

“We have started talking about the way we imagine it, but it feels like ya jinx it if you talk about it before you start it. The main difference is probably the sampling process, we look at it differently now. We’re not relying on loops, I guess that’s the best way to put it. There’s only elements of the last record that we felt we got right, and I guess that’ll be the starting point for the next one.”

Not another crazy pleasure cruise then?

“We don’t really feel that we’ll be genre-hopping, or really twisting and turning as much. We’d like to sort of contain it within a singular tone, or something. That’s just an idea. Records like Loveless by My Bloody Valentine were so uniform.”

Hell yes, get Alan Moulder in there for a big wall of guitars. The New Avalanches.

“Whoa baby!” he laughs.

Anything goes.

“I guess we’re lucky in that there’s no stylistic expectations.”

What’s in store for this current DJ tour?

“It’s just a lot of amazing records, and people can have a great time. It’s such a good way to give people perspective, and the atmosphere of the records that we love and always wanted to hear out. Hopefully it’ll just be a big party.”