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The Anyones: Bloody Mary Men.

30 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

When I Come Around.

The Anyones play The Tivoli on Wednesday and Thursday, The Zoo on Friday and the Troccadero, Surfers Paradise on Saturday. Come Around is in stores now.

Melbourne quartet The Anyones have landed themselves the prestigious role of supporting Australia’s, and for that matter, the world’s most hyped rock act The Vines on their first full length national touring odyssey. Drummer, flautist and vocalist Steve is understandably chuffed. He’s also understandably tired. You see, The Anyones were actually up here in Vegas a matter of weeks ago, playing with fellow Melbourne rock renegades Rocket Science. Before that there were stints with The Fauves, hot on the tails of a quick trip with Motor Ace. When does the man sleep? You may well ask.

“We’ve actually been flat out since about May,” Steve confirms. “The last four weeks was really hardcore. It’s hard to say no, because the gigs have been really good, so we can’t say no.”

“The Vines gigs have been really good. I’m really enjoying it. I liked The Vines album, and they’re really nice guys, so it makes for a fun tour, actually. And I’m not going to complain about playing for a full house every night. It’s interesting because it’s music lovers, but there’s also a lot of people who don’t go and see bands very often, you know. That’s what happens when bands get hyped, it brings all kinds of people along.”

“We’ve been flying around pretending to be rock stars. I think we’re really luck actually. So if we’re shithouse now there’s no one to blame but ourselves… It’s all our own fault.”

Do you get a break some time in the near future?

“We’re basically playing right up until the end of October. Only about a month and a half to go. We’ll make it… I hope.”

Do you look at The Anyones as being predominantly a live act?

“That’s funny actually, because we really pride ourselves on being a recording act. We’ve got a home studio, and we’re just kind of control freaks that spend hours and hours working on things and layering different stuff. Up until recently we just put as much of our resources into it as we could. Our producer, Paul McKercher, who did this record, said he could have probably just remixed the demos we did and put them out, which was really flattering for us. We like to think we’re not totally naïve when it comes to recording. Other might say that’s bullshit…”

The follow up to the band’s Lonerider debut is in the bag are awaiting release.

“Hopefully our album will be out before the end of his year. As long as Britney doesn’t block us out of the Christmas market. You’ve just got to time it right. It’s going to be good fun having something to flog. I know it’s boring when people talk about their own shit, but we really like it, and we’re looking forward to it coming out.”

The Anyones are launching their Come Around single with a couple of shows of their own after Vines commitments wrap up. With the track a fine ode to the morning after, I ask about Steve’s favourite hang over cure.

“I love a Bloody Mary,” he enthuses. “I really think it does work. I get headaches as well, so I do try and take vitamin B, and I’ve been taking magnesium tablets as well. I read it on a website. They reckon if you’ve craving things like chocolate, you’re really craving magnesium. The Vines and Rock Science like to party, they’re great. It’s just a lifestyle for them. The Vines have been playing non-stop for the last year, so for them 4am is like most people’s afternoon. You’ve got to keep up… They love it, and I love it too.”

Also included, as a B-side, is a live acoustic version of the track Orange Bubblegum, perhaps the bands most recognised work to date.

“That was done at a radio station, so we just held on to it. That song got flogged on the radio. Not a night goes by when someone doesn’t ask as if it’s a cover. A lot of people know our songs, but don’t make a connection with the band. I guess that’s our fault, because we liked to be anonymous, but people want to know who’s responsible for our mess. So we put it on as a connection with the previous album as well.”

Who would you most like to have cover one of your songs?

“That’s a good question… You obviously want someone that reaches a lot of people…”

Maybe a bit of R&B action then?

“That would be hilarious. I would love Destiny’s Child to cover us. That would be cool.”