STUDIO DIARY: Go Behind The Scenes With Bajillionaire In Making Of New Track

12 April 2019 | 12:38 pm | Bajillionaire

'I hope you love the song; it is wholly personal to me.'

To celebrate the release of Bajillionaire's new track Sleepwalking today, the Sydney producer is taking you behind the scenes on the making of the epic song. 

Check out his exclusive studio diary below.


I think the word that best describes my writing process is ‘time’.

Things happen fast, and then, like a lizard on a rock in the summer, they seem to sit still for an eternity... only for that stagnation to be disturbed by a new idea.

The idea for Sleepwalking was initially written with the infallible Grace Hughes - also known as Yorke. I went into that day wanting to write something much lighter and happier than my recent music had been; of which, Grace happily obliged.

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As with any writing session, the details of how and why these ideas came to be are a blur of coffee and banter. Grace and I were across each other’s projects for many years, long before any Spotify playlists or blog placements pooled us together. I did a remix of one of her songs Iron Heart back in 2014, when I was but a budding little producer still in high school.

Five years later, our musical journeys finally crossed paths, when we found ourselves meeting for the first time in the studio together. At the end of that session, we had the bones of Sleepwalking. Months passed, and the song we wrote together stayed dormant. Like a fossil waiting to be dug up, it sat on my hard drive.

Then, around Christmas, a friend told me about Hannah, a vocalist by the stage name Brewer who was looking to do more sessions with other young producers. I’m always on the lookout for new people to write with, and within the week, we had organised to write together.

Writing personal and emotional music with people you have never met is always a little intimidating. Opening up to my friends is hard enough, but writing something honest and meaningful with someone I’d just met can sometimes prove near impossible. I didn’t at all encounter this issue with Hannah - within that day of first meeting, we went from the bones of Sleepwalking, to it being nearly completely finished.

Like a flame needing just a bit of fanning, we had a full fire on our hands within a matter of hours.

Now, as of writing this, Sleepwalking is finally out in the world. I hope you love the song; it is wholly personal to me, and despite the lengthy metaphor and personal references sowed throughout, it means a lot that someone is listening.


Bajillionaire has to shows slated in Sydney later this month. For more details, check out theGuide.